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Sponsored by Gem Q1 2015 State of Bitcoin Q1 2015


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Sponsored by Gem
Q1 2015 Investment Rounds in Bitcoin Startups
43State of Bitcoin Q1 2015
Source: CoinDesk (
Close Date Company Size ($m) Round Select Investors Headquartered
Feb-15 HashRabbit 0.50 Seed
Draper Associates,
San Francisco
Feb-15 KnCMiner 15.00 Second
Accel Partners, GP Bullhound,
Creandum, Martin Wattin
Feb-15 NeuCoin 1.25 Seed
Patrik Stymne, Emil Michael,
Henrik Kjellberg
Feb-15 Ziftr 0.85 Seed 10x Venture Partners Milford
0.85 Seed
Quest Venture Partners, Crypto
Currency Partners
New York
Jan-15 BitFlyer 1.10 Seed
Bitcoin Opportunity Corp, RSP
Fund No. 5, GMO Venture Partners
Jan-15 Colu 2.50 Seed
Aleph, Spark Capital, Bitcoin
Opportunity Corp, Box Group
Tel Aviv
Jan-15 Anycoin Direct 0.56 Seed Undisclosed Veghel

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