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Sponsored by Gem Q1 Most-Viewed State of Bitcoin Q1 2015


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Q1 Most-Viewed CoinDesk Articles: Relative Interest
in Bitcoin’s Price Articles Continues to Decline
21State of Bitcoin Q1 2015
Rank Title Date
1 Roger Ver Denied US Visa to Attend Miami Bitcoin Conference 7th Jan
2 IBM Reveals Proof of Concept for Blockchain-Powered Internet of Things 17th Jan
3 Bitstamp Claims $5 Million Lost in Hot Wallet Hack 5th Jan
4 Bitcoin Price Continues to Fall, Breaks $200 Mark 14th Jan
5 State of Bitcoin 2015: Ecosystem Grows Despite Price Decline 7th Jan
6 Research: Hackers Could Install Backdoor in Bitcoin Cold Storage 16th Jan
7 Hong Kong's MyCoin Disappears with up to $387 Million, Reports Claim 9th Feb
8 Bitcoin Price Crashes Through $250 Mark 13th Jan
9 Apple Approves iOS Game That Tips Players in Bitcoin 8th Jan
10 Goldman Sachs Report Says Bitcoin Could Shape ‘Future of Finance' 11th Mar
Source: CoinDesk top 10 Q1 stories based on pageviews
CoinDesk’s Top 10 Most Viewed Stories in Q1

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