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State of Bitcoin 2015
7th January 2015
1. 2014 in Review
1. Q4 Summary
• Price and Valuation
• Media
• VC Investment
• Commerce
• Technology
• Regulatio...
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• World leader in digital currency news, prices and information
• The Bitcoin Price Index serves as an indu...
4State of Bitcoin 2015
2014 in Review
5State of Bitcoin 2015
Sustained price pressure may lead to
a shakeout in the mining sector and
likely consolidati...
Key Bitcoin Adoption Metrics
6State of Bitcoin 2015
Sources and notes: CoinDesk,, BitcoinPulse, Github, Co...
Jan-14 Feb-14 Mar-14 Apr-14 May-14 Jun-14 Jul-14 Aug-14 Sep-14 Oct-14 Nov-1...
Total Exchange Trading Volume
Increased by Over 50%
8State of Bitcoin 2015
Sources: CoinDesk,, Bitcoinity
CoinDesk's Top 10 News Stories of 2014
9State of Bitcoin 2015
Rank Title Date
1 Bitcoin Exchanges Under 'Massive and Conce...
2014 Bitcoin Venture Capital Investment
10State of Bitcoin 2015
Total VC investment in
cryptocurrency startups ...
Two Biggest VC Deals in 2014
11State of Bitcoin 2015
$30m $30.5m
(Series A) October 2014(Series A) May 2014
Source: CoinDe...
2014 Bitcoin VC Investment Surpassed
Early-Stage Internet Investment
12State of Bitcoin 2015
*Includes first sequence vent...
Number of Countries With Bitcoin VC
Investment Grew From 8 to 18 in 2014
13State of Bitcoin 2015
New countries receiving i...
2013 vs 2014 Investment Shift Towards
Wallets, Mining and Financial Services
14State of Bitcoin 2015
2013 vs 2014 VC Inves...
Companies Moving into New Product
15State of Bitcoin 2015
Jul 2013
Wallet + Exchange
Mergers and Acquisitions Announced in
2014, More Expected in 2015
16State of Bitcoin 2015
Oct 2014
Aug 2014
Aug 2014
Jul 2...
Number of Universal Bitcoin Companies
Doubled in 2014
17State of Bitcoin 2015
• Universals operate across more than
one as...
Total Altcoins Grew from 64 to 590 in 2014, Bitcoin’s
Market Cap is 6X Larger Than the Next Biggest
18State of Bitcoin 201...
19State of Bitcoin 2015
Q4 2014
20State of Bitcoin 2015
Price and Valuation
CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index –
Q4 & YTD by the Numbers
21State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, daily...
30-Sep 07-Oct 14-Oct 21-Oct 28-Oct 04-Nov 11-Nov 18-Nov 25-Nov 02-Dec 09-Dec 16-Dec 23-...
Monthly Exchange Trading Volume
Increased in Q4 …
23State of Bitcoin 2015
Sources: CoinDesk, Bitcoinity
…and Recently Surpassed Previous Highs
From End of 2013
24State of Bitcoin 2015
Sources: CoinDesk, Bitcoinity
State of Altcoins: Growth Rate of New Altcoins Slowed in Q4
by More Than 15%, Market Cap Share Steady at 9%*
25State of Bi...
26State of Bitcoin 2015
Selection of Q4’s Biggest Bitcoin Stories
27State of Bitcoin 2015
White-hat hacker exploits security flaw in
Blockchain wa...
Most Popular CoinDesk Q4 Stories
28State of Bitcoin 2015
Rank Title Date
1 Bitcoin Price Finds Hard Floor Following 26,000...
News Coverage of Bitcoin Declined on Most
Mainstream News Sites in Q4
29State of Bitcoin 2015
News Published Mentioning Bi...
‘Bitcoin Price’ is Top Q4 Search Term,
‘Bitcoin Bowl’ Achieved High Share
30State of Bitcoin 2015
Past 90
Related Sea...
31State of Bitcoin 2015
VC Investment
Two Biggest Bitcoin VC Deals in Q4
32State of Bitcoin 2015
$30.5m $21m
(Series A) November 2014(Series A) October 2014
Q4 Bitcoin Venture Capital Investment Nearly
Doubled Q3 Total
33State of Bitcoin 2015
Total VC investment in
Europe Continues to Heat Up as Overall Investment Share
Increased in Q4, Largest Regional Q/Q% Increase
34State of Bitcoin...
While the US Continues to Dominate Bitcoin VC
Investment, Total Share Declined by 11% in Q4
35State of Bitcoin 2015
Silicon Valley’s Share of All-Time Bitcoin VC Investment
Declined Slightly From 29% in Q3 to 27% in Q4
36State of Bitcoin ...
The Bitcoin Startup Ecosystem:
Six Different Bitcoin Company Categories
37State of Bitcoin 2015
Wallets Raised the Most Funding in Q4,
Followed by Mining and Financial Services
38State of Bitcoin 2015
Q4 VC Investment ...
Financial Services Took Over Universal, Receiving
the Most VC Investment
39State of Bitcoin 2015
• Wallets, Financial Serv...
Q4 Investment Rounds in Bitcoin Startups
40State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk (
Q4 Investment Rounds in Bitcoin Startups
41State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk (
Q4 Investment Rounds in Bitcoin Startups
42State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk (
43State of Bitcoin 2015
>82,000 Merchants Now Accept Bitcoin,
Up From 75,000 in Q3 (+9%)
44State of Bitcoin 2015
44K 38K
Sources: Coinbase and Bit...
Total merchants Forecasted merchants
140,000 Bitcoin-Accepting Merchants
Forecast by End of 2015
45State of Bitcoin 2015
Growth in Bitcoin-Accepting Businesses
Slowed Throughout 2014
46State of Bitcoin 2015
Sources: CoinDesk, Bitcoinity
Companies Representing >$180 Billion in
Annual Revenue Now Accept Bitcoin
47State of Bitcoin 2015
Top 10 Largest Bitcoin-A...
What Do People Buy with Bitcoins?
Home Goods & Consumer Electronics
48State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: most popular items pur...
Total Wallets Forecasted Wallets
Approximately 12 Million Bitcoin Wallets
Forecast by End of 2015
49State of Bitcoin 2015
Daily Bitcoin Transactions Passed
100,000 for the First Time in Q4
50State of Bitcoin 2015
• Quest...
Now Over 320 Bitcoin ATMs
Around the World
51State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk (
Oct-13 Jan-14 Apr-14 Jul-14 Oct-14 Jan-15 Apr-15 Jul-15 Oct-15 Jan-16
Total ATMs Forecas...
Lamassu Led ATM Deployments in 2014,
Skyhook Became Second Largest
53State of Bitcoin 2015
for over a
Most Bitcoin ATMs Located in Stores,
Restaurants and Coffee Shops
54State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk, www.coindesk.c...
55State of Bitcoin 2015
Discus Fish
BTCChina Pool
BTC Guild
Unknown with
1AcAj9p Address
Bitcoin Af...
CoinBase’s API Gaining Traction With
44 Bitcoin Apps Built on it
58State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinBase
Bitcoin Developer Ecosystem Continues to Grow
59State of Bitcoin 2015
Number of created repositories in GitHub with bitcoi...
Number of Bitcoin Nodes Has Leveled Off in
Last Two Quarters
60State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: BitcoinPulse
Crypto 2.0 Projects to Keep an Eye on
in 2015
61State of Bitcoin 2015
BitAssets – allowing traders to hedge
against bitcoi...
Bitcoin Companies are Collaborating on
Security Across Industry Sectors
62State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk
Adoption of Multi-signature (Multisig) Wallet
Security Increased in 2014
63State of Bitcoin 2015
• Multisig: advertised as...
64State of Bitcoin 2015
Regulation and Macro
Over 250 Academic Articles on Bitcoin to Date
Cover a Wide Range of Research Topics
65State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: Peer-t...
A Number of Countries Expressing Interest
in Regulating Bitcoin as a Commodity
66State of Bitcoin 2015
• US Commodities Fu...
Some Positive Developments with
New York’s BitLicense Regulatory Framework
67State of Bitcoin 2015
• New York’s BitLicense...
Some Bitcoin Firms are Making Progress
with Banking Relationships
68State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk
Safello first t...
Russia is Illustrative of the Topsy-Turvy
Nature of Bitcoin Regulation
69State of Bitcoin 2015
3 Oct
Russia proposes
Highlights for bitcoin in 2014
• 25% mention more merchants’ acceptance, VC investment and
technology improvement
Biggest ...
Views on the Highs and Lows for
Bitcoin in 2014
71State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Thought Leader Annual Sur...
Views On What Lies Ahead for Bitcoin
Regulation and Price Volatility in 2015
72State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk Bitc...
Views On What Lies Ahead for Bitcoin
Regulation and Price Volatility in 2015
73State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk Bitc...
Views on Bitcoin
74State of Bitcoin 2015
Jon Matonis
Founding Director
Bitcoin Foundation
Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Thought...
Factoring in Remittance Fees Makes Sub-
Saharan Africa Most Fertile Market for Bitcoin …
75State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: H...
… Yet Bitcoin Regulation in Africa
Lags Behind the Rest of the World
76State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: Wikipedia https://tea...
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Q4 Investment Rounds in Bitcoin State of Bitcoin 2015


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Q4 Investment Rounds in Bitcoin Startups
41State of Bitcoin 2015
Source: CoinDesk (
Close Date Company Size ($m) Round Select Investors Headquartered
Nov-14 Dogetipbot 0.45 Seed
Blackbird Ventures, Scott and Cyan
Banister, Individual Investors
Nov-14 CoinOutlet 0.05 Seed BitcoinShop New York
5 Second
Agile Wings, BRM Group, Genesis
Partners, Olivier Janssens
Kiryat Gat
Oct-14 BitLendingClub 0.25 Seed LAUNCHub San Francisco
Oct-14 Bitnet 14.5 First
Highland Capital Partners,
Rakuten, James Pallotta, Stuart
San Francisco
Oct-14 AlphaPoint 1.35 Seed
Ben Franklin Technology Partners,
Robin Hood Ventures
New York
Oct-14 Coinsetter 1.3 First Unknown New York
Oct-14 BitFlyer 0.24 Seed Bitcoin Opportunity Corp. Tokyo

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