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State of Bitcoin 2015

State of Bitcoin 2015
7th January 2015
1. 2014 in Review
1. Q4 Summary
• Price and Valuation
• Media
• VC Investment
• Commerce
• Technology
• Regulatio...
About CoinDesk
• World leader in digital currency news, prices and information
• The Bitcoin Price Index serves as an indu...

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State of Bitcoin 2015

  1. State of Bitcoin 2015 7th January 2015
  2. Contents 1. 2014 in Review 1. Q4 Summary • Price and Valuation • Media • VC Investment • Commerce • Technology • Regulation and Macro 2State of Bitcoin 2015
  3. About CoinDesk • World leader in digital currency news, prices and information • The Bitcoin Price Index serves as an industry reference point • International team headquartered in London • Editors based in London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo 3State of Bitcoin 2015
  4. 4State of Bitcoin 2015 2014 in Review
  5. Summary 5State of Bitcoin 2015 Sustained price pressure may lead to a shakeout in the mining sector and likely consolidation among exchanges Overall, 2014 was a ‘tale of two bitcoins’ – the bitcoin economy made progress while bitcoin’s price saw a steady decline All-time bitcoin VC investment passed $400m in Q4 and exceeded early- stage Internet investment in 1995 Q4 saw some regulatory clarity with welcomed revisions to the NY BitLicense and no new major regulatory setbacks Larger businesses continue to adopt bitcoin, with Microsoft and Time accepting bitcoin in Q4 Bitcoin was the worst-performing currency in 2014, down 67% and another 18% so far in 2015
  6. Key Bitcoin Adoption Metrics 6State of Bitcoin 2015 Sources and notes: CoinDesk,, BitcoinPulse, Github, Coin ATM Radar. Figures are cumulative from start of records, except unique bitcoin addresses and media mentions, which are figures for the quarter ending that month. Quarterly Last 12 Months Dec-14 Sep-14 Q/Q Δ Dec-13 Δ Commerce Wallets 7,948,272 6,559,978 21% 3,194,584 2x Merchants 82,000 76,000 8% 35,903 2x Merchants’ annual revenue ($bn) 180 86 109% 0 N/A ATMs 341 251 36% 4 85x Unique bitcoin addresses 157,377 184,554 -15% 108,166 45% Industry All-time VC investment ($m) 432.7 302.9 43% 97.9 4x Number of VC-backed startups 83 68 22% 30 3x Media Mainstream media mentions 673 687 -2% 2,889 -76% Technology Network hash rate (billion/second) 335,365,290 249,839,180 34% 9,920,977 34x Github no. of updated repositories 23,249 18,753 24% 4,410 5x Valuation Bitcoin market capitalization ($bn) 4.3 5.2 -17% 9.3 -54%
  7. $200 $300 $400 $500 $600 $700 $800 $900 $1,000 Jan-14 Feb-14 Mar-14 Apr-14 May-14 Jun-14 Jul-14 Aug-14 Sep-14 Oct-14 Nov-14 Dec-14 11 Apr PBOC official says China will not ban bitcoin 11 Aug Blockchain first company to pass over 2m bitcoin wallets 11 Dec Microsoft adds bitcoin payments for Xbox games and mobile content Key Events and Price Chart in 2014 7State of Bitcoin 2015 23 Sep PayPal announces bitcoin partnerships 11 Feb Massive DDoS attack exploits transaction malleability bug Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, daily data collected at 00:00 UTC 18 Jul Dell announces it will accept bitcoin 18 Dec Favorable revisions made to proposed NY BitLicense 18 Jun List of possible Silk Road bitcoin bidders leaked by US Marshals 6 Mar Newsweek claims to have found bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto 25 Feb Mt Gox closes, announces 744,408 BTC ($350m) missing 12 Jun $18m in Silk Road bitcoins sold by US Government 2 Jul VC Tim Draper revealed as Silk Road bitcoin auction winner
  8. Total Exchange Trading Volume Increased by Over 50% 8State of Bitcoin 2015 Sources: CoinDesk,, Bitcoinity Total Bitcoin Trading Volume (BTC) 51 80 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 2013 2014 Millions $15 $23 $0 $5 $10 $15 $20 $25 2013 2014 Billions Total Bitcoin Trading Volume ($bn)
  9. CoinDesk's Top 10 News Stories of 2014 9State of Bitcoin 2015 Rank Title Date 1 Bitcoin Exchanges Under 'Massive and Concerted Attack' 11th Feb 2 Why Mt. Gox, the World’s First Bitcoin Exchange, is Dying 8th Feb 3 Alpha Technology Takes Pre-Orders for Litecoin ASIC Miners 3rd Jan 4 Mt. Gox Halts ALL Bitcoin Withdrawals, Price Drop Follows 7th Feb 5 Mt. Gox Allegedly Loses $350 Million in Bitcoin, Rumoured Insolvent 25th Feb 6 List of Possible Silk Road Bitcoin Bidders Leaked by US Marshals 18th Jun 7 CoinDesk Removes Mt. Gox from Bitcoin Price Index 10th Feb 8 56% of Bitcoiners Believe the Bitcoin Price Will Reach $10k in 2014 2nd Jan 9 Leading Adult Site Now Accepts Bitcoin 3rd Jan 10 Bitcoin Price Hits $135 on Mt. Gox Following Office Move and Verification Demand 20th Feb Sources and notes: CoinDesk. Based on total pageviews.
  10. 2014 Bitcoin Venture Capital Investment 10State of Bitcoin 2015 $433m$335m Total VC investment in cryptocurrency startups to date: 2014 bitcoin VC investment: $96m 2013 bitcoin VC investment: +342% Increase in total to-date VC investment from end of 2013: Source: CoinDesk (
  11. Two Biggest VC Deals in 2014 11State of Bitcoin 2015 $30m $30.5m (Series A) October 2014(Series A) May 2014 Source: CoinDesk (
  12. 2014 Bitcoin VC Investment Surpassed Early-Stage Internet Investment 12State of Bitcoin 2015 *Includes first sequence venture deals but excludes late-stage 1995 Internet investments ($257.6m). For additional disclosure on methodology see $95.8 $334.8 $250.1 $0 $50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350 2013 Bitcoin 2014 Bitcoin 1995 Internet* Bitcoin vs Early Internet VC Investment ($m) Sources: CoinDesk, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  13. Number of Countries With Bitcoin VC Investment Grew From 8 to 18 in 2014 13State of Bitcoin 2015 New countries receiving investment for bitcoin companies in 2014: Japan, Netherlands, Panama, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany, India, Mexico, Argentina Countries receiving first VC investment in 2012-13 Countries receiving first VC investment in 2014 Source: CoinDesk (, generated by DataWrapper
  14. 2013 vs 2014 Investment Shift Towards Wallets, Mining and Financial Services 14State of Bitcoin 2015 2013 vs 2014 VC Investment by Ecosystem Category Source: CoinDesk ( $25.4 $26.7 $49.7 $69.5 $75.4 $88.1 $40.5 $24.0 $3.2 $12.1 $15.0 $1.1 $0 $10 $20 $30 $40 $50 $60 $70 $80 $90 $100 Universal Exchange Payment Processor Mining Financial Services Wallet 2014 VC Investment (millions) 2013 VC Investment (millions)
  15. Companies Moving into New Product Categories 15State of Bitcoin 2015 Wallet Infrastructure Jul 2013 + Wallet + Exchange Sep 2014 Payment Processor + Infrastructure Feb 2014 Exchange Sep 2014 + Source: CoinDesk
  16. Mergers and Acquisitions Announced in 2014, More Expected in 2015 16State of Bitcoin 2015 Oct 2014 Aug 2014 Aug 2014 Jul 2014 Source: CoinDesk
  17. Number of Universal Bitcoin Companies Doubled in 2014 17State of Bitcoin 2015 • Universals operate across more than one aspect of the bitcoin value chain (eg Coinplug provides payment processing, wallet and ATMs) • More and more bitcoin startups continue to pursue the universal model • Universal bitcoin companies leverage two key elements of financial services: efficiency and trust The Universals 2013 2014
  18. Total Altcoins Grew from 64 to 590 in 2014, Bitcoin’s Market Cap is 6X Larger Than the Next Biggest 18State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinMarketCap data as of 3rd Jan 2015 Rank Name MarketCap 1 Bitcoin $ 4,132,670,815 2 Ripple $ 706,795,764 3 Litecoin $ 79,521,355 4 BitShares $ 38,420,086 5 PayCoin $ 35,959,731 6 MaidSafeCoin $ 23,917,169 7 Nxt $ 18,392,947 8 Stellar $ 17,713,142 9 Dogecoin $ 17,145,911 10 Peercoin $ 11,573,821
  19. 19State of Bitcoin 2015 Q4 2014
  20. 20State of Bitcoin 2015 Price and Valuation
  21. CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index – Q4 & YTD by the Numbers 21State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, daily data collected at 00:00 UTC
  22. $300 $325 $350 $375 $400 $425 $450 30-Sep 07-Oct 14-Oct 21-Oct 28-Oct 04-Nov 11-Nov 18-Nov 25-Nov 02-Dec 09-Dec 16-Dec 23-Dec 30-Dec Bitcoin’s Price Fluctuated Throughout Q4 on Mixed News 22State of Bitcoin 2015 11 Dec Microsoft adds bitcoin payments for Xbox games and mobile content 3 Oct Russia proposes monetary penalties for bitcoin use and promotion Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, daily data collected at 00:00 UTC 16 Oct Bitcoin Group seeks to launch world's first Bitcoin IPO Boost VC goes ‘full bitcoin' for next startup mentor round 22 Nov 4 Dec Daily bitcoin transactions pass 100,000 milestone 10 Dec Hacker returns 225 BTC taken from Blockchain wallets 18 Dec Lawsky outlines relaxation of New York BitLicense 12 Nov Bitcoin price surges past $400 mark for the first time since mid- October
  23. Monthly Exchange Trading Volume Increased in Q4 … 23State of Bitcoin 2015 Sources: CoinDesk, Bitcoinity 0 2,000,000 4,000,000 6,000,000 8,000,000 10,000,000 12,000,000 14,000,000 16,000,000 18,000,000 Monthly Bitcoin Trading Volume (bitcoins)
  24. …and Recently Surpassed Previous Highs From End of 2013 24State of Bitcoin 2015 Sources: CoinDesk, Bitcoinity 0 2,000,000 4,000,000 6,000,000 8,000,000 10,000,000 12,000,000 14,000,000 16,000,000 18,000,000 Jan-13 Apr-13 Jul-13 Oct-13 Jan-14 Apr-14 Jul-14 Oct-14 Monthly Bitcoin Trading Volume (bitcoins)
  25. State of Altcoins: Growth Rate of New Altcoins Slowed in Q4 by More Than 15%, Market Cap Share Steady at 9%* 25State of Bitcoin 2015 Sources: CoinMarketCap, Internet Archive TotalNumberofAltcoins *Altcoin market cap share calculated by dividing the sum of all non-bitcoin cryptocurrency market caps by all cryptocurrency market caps (including bitcoin). For example, if altcoins have 8% market value share, then bitcoin has 92% market value share. Total number of altcoins is the number at the end of each quarter. 64 216 347 483 590 68.4% 237.5% 60.6% 39.2% 22.2% 0% 50% 100% 150% 200% 250% 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 Dec-13 Mar-14 Jun-14 Sep-14 Dec-14 Total Number of Altcoins Quarterly Growth in New Altcoins
  26. 26State of Bitcoin 2015 Media
  27. Selection of Q4’s Biggest Bitcoin Stories 27State of Bitcoin 2015 White-hat hacker exploits security flaw in Blockchain wallets to take 255 BTC Microsoft is now the most notable business on the list of bitcoin-accepting businesses Overstock significantly misses 2014 bitcoin sales projections Bitcoin network difficulty declined for first time in two years
  28. Most Popular CoinDesk Q4 Stories 28State of Bitcoin 2015 Rank Title Date 1 Bitcoin Price Finds Hard Floor Following 26,000 BTC Sell Order 6th Oct 2 Bitcoin Price Surges Past $400 Mark 12th Nov 3 State of Bitcoin Q3 2014: Ecosystem Maturing Amid Price Pressure 7th Oct 4 MIT Bitcoin Trading Simulation Yields Profit of 89% in 50 Days 14th Oct 5 Microsoft Adds Bitcoin Payments for Xbox Games and Mobile Content 11th Dec 6 Fire Destroys Thai Bitcoin Mining Facility 6th Nov 7 Gavin Andresen Proposes Bitcoin Hard Fork to Address Network Scalability 8th Oct 8 Markets Weekly: Bitcoin Price Resilience Crumbles 27th Oct 9 Why Wall Streeters are Turning to Bitcoin for a Living 26th Oct 10 Markets Weekly: Bitcoin Bulls Return in Wake of BearWhale Slaying 13th Oct Source: CoinDesk
  29. News Coverage of Bitcoin Declined on Most Mainstream News Sites in Q4 29State of Bitcoin 2015 News Published Mentioning Bitcoin 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 FT NYT WSJ Sina Q3 2014 Q4 2014 Note: Numbers of stories obtained by searching ‘bitcoin’ on respective publishers’ websites Sources: respective publishers’ websites
  30. ‘Bitcoin Price’ is Top Q4 Search Term, ‘Bitcoin Bowl’ Achieved High Share 30State of Bitcoin 2015 Past 90 Days Related Searches: Top Related Searches: Rising Past 12 Months Source: Google Trends data as of 3rd Jan 2015
  31. 31State of Bitcoin 2015 VC Investment
  32. Two Biggest Bitcoin VC Deals in Q4 32State of Bitcoin 2015 $30.5m $21m (Series A) November 2014(Series A) October 2014 Source: CoinDesk (
  33. Q4 Bitcoin Venture Capital Investment Nearly Doubled Q3 Total 33State of Bitcoin 2015 $433m$130m Total VC investment in cryptocurrency startups to date: Q4 2014 bitcoin VC investment: $64m Q3 2014 bitcoin VC investment: Sources: CoinDesk (, CrunchBase +43% Increase in total to-date VC investment from end of Q3:
  34. Europe Continues to Heat Up as Overall Investment Share Increased in Q4, Largest Regional Q/Q% Increase 34State of Bitcoin 2015 Regions Q4 ($m) Q3 ($m) Q/Q Δ ($m) Q/Q Δ US & Canada 285.4 215.8 69.6 32% Europe 99.2 48.7 50.5 104% Asia 31.0 26.9 4.1 15% Middle East 10.5 5.5 5.0 91% Latin America 6.0 6.0 0.0 0% Total 430.5 303.5 127.4 42% $ Invested as of Q3 • Middle East had the second largest Q/Q% increase in investment • US & Canada share declined slightly, but still dominated with 66% of all VC $ to date Note: $ invested represents all-time total bitcoin VC investment at the end of each respective quarter. The headquarters of one company receiving VC investment in Q4 is unknown. Sources: CoinDesk (, CrunchBase $ Invested as of Q4 US & Canada 71% Europe 16% Asia 9% Middle East 2% Latin America 2% US & Canada 66% Europe 23% Asia 7% Middle East 3% Latin America 1%
  35. While the US Continues to Dominate Bitcoin VC Investment, Total Share Declined by 11% in Q4 35State of Bitcoin 2015 Sources: CoinDesk (, CrunchBase $0.2 $0.3 $0.3 $0.3 $0.5 $0.6 $0.8 $1.2 $1.8 $3.4 $4.0 $6.9 $10.5 $14.9 $18.1 $25.0 $40.7 $42.9 $260.4 $0 $50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 Total Funding (millions)
  36. Silicon Valley’s Share of All-Time Bitcoin VC Investment Declined Slightly From 29% in Q3 to 27% in Q4 36State of Bitcoin 2015 Tech hub concentration Value ($m) No. of companies Silicon Valley 116.4 15 Rest of World 316.3 68 Total 432.7 83 • Total number of VC-backed bitcoin companies increased from 68 in Q3 to 83 in Q4, a 22% increase $ Invested No. of Companies Sources: CoinDesk (, CrunchBase Silicon Valley 27% Rest of World 73% Silicon Valley 18% Rest of World 82%
  37. The Bitcoin Startup Ecosystem: Six Different Bitcoin Company Categories 37State of Bitcoin 2015 Universal Payment Processing Wallets Mining Financial Services Exchanges
  38. Wallets Raised the Most Funding in Q4, Followed by Mining and Financial Services 38State of Bitcoin 2015 Q4 VC Investment by Ecosystem Category (millions) Sources: CoinDesk (, CrunchBase $2.7 $2.7 $16.0 $33.6 $34.8 $40.0 $0 $5 $10 $15 $20 $25 $30 $35 $40 $45 Universal Exchange Payment Processor Mining Financial Services Wallet
  39. Financial Services Took Over Universal, Receiving the Most VC Investment 39State of Bitcoin 2015 • Wallets, Financial Services and Mining sectors continued to receive the lion’s share of investment in Q4 • Universals only received $2.7m in last quarter $ Invested as of Q3$ Invested as of Q4 Note: $ invested represents all-time total bitcoin VC investment at the end of each respective quarter. Sources: CoinDesk (, CrunchBase Universal 15% Financial Services 21% Mining 19% Wallet 21% Exchange 12% Payment Processor 12% Universal 21% Financial Services 18% Mining 16% Wallet 16% Exchange 16% Payment Processor 13% Sector Q4 ($m) Q3 ($m) Q/Q Δ ($m) Q/Q Δ Universal 66.5 63.8 2.7 4% Financial Services 90.4 55.6 34.8 62% Mining 81.6 48.0 33.6 70% Wallet 89.2 49.2 40.0 81% Exchange 50.7 48.0 2.7 6% Payment Processor 54.3 38.3 16.0 42% Total 432.7 302.9 129.8 43%
  40. Q4 Investment Rounds in Bitcoin Startups 40State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk ( Close Date Company Size ($m) Round Select Investors Headquartered Dec-14 Bitreserve 9.5 Second Undisclosed San Francisco Dec-14 BitGold 3.5 Third PowerOne Capital, Soros Brothers Investments, Sandstorm Gold Toronto Dec-14 PeerNova 8.6 First Mosaik Partners, Steve Case, Crypto Currency Partners San Jose Dec-14 ChangeTip 3.5 First Pantera Capital, 500 Startups, Boldstart Ventures, CryptoCurrency Partners San Francisco Dec-14 DigiByte 0.25 Seed Undisclosed Santa Monica Dec-14 GetGems 0.6 Seed Magma VC Unknown Nov-14 0.3 Seed Roger Ver, Bobby Lee, Terrence Yang, FundersClub, StrongVC San Francisco Nov-14 Blockstream 21 First Reid Hoffman, Khosla Ventures, Real Ventures, Crypto Currency Partners Montreal
  41. Q4 Investment Rounds in Bitcoin Startups (contd.) 41State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk ( Close Date Company Size ($m) Round Select Investors Headquartered Nov-14 Dogetipbot 0.45 Seed Blackbird Ventures, Scott and Cyan Banister, Individual Investors Redding Nov-14 CoinOutlet 0.05 Seed BitcoinShop New York Oct-14 Spondoolies- Tech 5 Second Agile Wings, BRM Group, Genesis Partners, Olivier Janssens Kiryat Gat Oct-14 BitLendingClub 0.25 Seed LAUNCHub San Francisco Oct-14 Bitnet 14.5 First Highland Capital Partners, Rakuten, James Pallotta, Stuart Peterson San Francisco Oct-14 AlphaPoint 1.35 Seed Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Robin Hood Ventures New York Oct-14 Coinsetter 1.3 First Unknown New York Oct-14 BitFlyer 0.24 Seed Bitcoin Opportunity Corp. Tokyo
  42. Q4 Investment Rounds in Bitcoin Startups (contd.) 42State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk ( Close Date Company Size ($m) Round Select Investors Headquartered Oct-14 Libra 0.5 Seed Liberty City Ventures, James Pallotta, Ben Davenport San Francisco Oct-14 Melotic 1.18 Seed Ceyuan Ventures, Lightspeed China, Bitcoin Opportunity Corp Hong Kong Oct-14 Devign Lab 0.2 Seed K Cube Ventures Seoul Oct-14 BitFury 20 Second Bill Tai, Bob Dykes, Georgian Co- Investment Fund, Lars Rasmussen Amsterdam Oct-14 Coinplug 2.5 First Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Bokwang Investment Corp Seoul Oct-14 Blockchain 30.5 First Lightspeed Ventures, Wicklow Capital, Mosaic Ventures York Oct-14 SolidX 3 First Liberty City Ventures, James Pallotta New York Oct-14 Snapcard 1.5 Seed Tim Draper, Crypto Currency Partners, Insikt Ventures San Francisco
  43. 43State of Bitcoin 2015 Commerce
  44. >82,000 Merchants Now Accept Bitcoin, Up From 75,000 in Q3 (+9%) 44State of Bitcoin 2015 44K 38K Sources: Coinbase and BitPay
  45. Total merchants Forecasted merchants 140,000 Bitcoin-Accepting Merchants Forecast by End of 2015 45State of Bitcoin 2015 Sources and notes: total current merchants based on data from Coinbase and BitPay. Historical Coinbase data provided by BitcoinPulse. BitPay historical data between new merchant press release announcements of 10,000 (16th Sep 2013), 20,000 (13th Jan 2014) and 30,000 (28th May 2014), respectively, calculated using linear interpolation. R² = 0.962 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 120,000 140,000 160,000
  46. Growth in Bitcoin-Accepting Businesses Slowed Throughout 2014 46State of Bitcoin 2015 Sources: CoinDesk, Bitcoinity 13,903 16,800 12,936 10,360 6,000 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 16,000 18,000 Q4 2013 Q1 2014 Q2 2014 Q3 2014 Q4 2014 Number of New Bitcoin-Accepting Businesses Added Each Quarter
  47. Companies Representing >$180 Billion in Annual Revenue Now Accept Bitcoin 47State of Bitcoin 2015 Top 10 Largest Bitcoin-Accepting Retailers *Monprix is a private company; most recent revenue data is from 2005. TigerDirect estimate provided by parent company investor relations. Other divisions that are part of a larger parent organization, but do not break out individual divisional revenues, are excluded. Rank Company Annual Revenue ($bn) 1 Microsoft 86.8 2 Dell 56.9 3 Dish Network 13.9 4 Expedia 5.0 5 Intuit 4.5 6 Monprix* 4.3 7 Time Inc.** 3.4 8 NewEgg 2.8 9 Overstock 1.3 10 TigerDirect* 1.0 Total $179.9 **The revenue is Time Inc. FY 2013 revenue Sources: CoinDesk, Coinbase, BitPay, companies’ annual reports
  48. What Do People Buy with Bitcoins? Home Goods & Consumer Electronics 48State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: most popular items purchased through by November 2014 Trashbags Coffee Grinder Infant Formula Home Goods Bluetooth SpeakerDigital CameraPlaystation Consumer Electronics
  49. Total Wallets Forecasted Wallets Approximately 12 Million Bitcoin Wallets Forecast by End of 2015 49State of Bitcoin 2015 R2 = 0.971 Sources and notes: total wallets based on data from, MultiBit, Coinbase, Andreas Schildbach (Android Bitcoin Wallet developer). Historical Coinbase data provided by BitcoinPulse. 0 2,000,000 4,000,000 6,000,000 8,000,000 10,000,000 12,000,000 14,000,000 Jan-13 Mar-13 May-13 Jul-13 Sep-13 Nov-13 Jan-14 Mar-14 May-14 Jul-14 Sep-14 Nov-14 Jan-15 Mar-15 May-15 Jul-15 Sep-15 Nov-15 Jan-16
  50. Daily Bitcoin Transactions Passed 100,000 for the First Time in Q4 50State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: • Questions linger over how significant a milestone this is, given uncertainty over how many of these transactions represent bona fide economic activities
  51. Now Over 320 Bitcoin ATMs Around the World 51State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk ( 1213246
  52. 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 Oct-13 Jan-14 Apr-14 Jul-14 Oct-14 Jan-15 Apr-15 Jul-15 Oct-15 Jan-16 Total ATMs Forecasted ATMs Approximately 750 Bitcoin ATMs Forecast by End of 2015 52State of Bitcoin 2015 R2 = 0.973 Sources: CoinDesk, CoinATMRadar
  53. Lamassu Led ATM Deployments in 2014, Skyhook Became Second Largest 53State of Bitcoin 2015 Lamassu accounts for over a third of the bitcoin ATM market Sources: CoinDesk, CoinATMRadar
  54. Most Bitcoin ATMs Located in Stores, Restaurants and Coffee Shops 54State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk,
  55. 55State of Bitcoin 2015 Technology
  56. 0 5,000,000,000 10,000,000,000 15,000,000,000 20,000,000,000 25,000,000,000 30,000,000,000 35,000,000,000 40,000,000,000 45,000,000,000 Jan-14 Feb-14 Mar-14 Apr-14 May-14 Jun-14 Jul-14 Aug-14 Sep-14 Oct-14 Nov-14 Dec-14 Bitcoin Network Difficulty Declined for First Time in Two Years 56State of Bitcoin 2015 The drop in difficulty was expected due to depressed bitcoin prices* *CoinDesk examined the issue in September 2014 and concluded that difficulty could reverse if prices do not recover can-longer-ignore-moores-law/ Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Mining Difficulty
  57. Discus Fish AntPool GHash.IO KnCMiner BTCChina Pool BTC Guild Slush Unknown with 1AcAj9p Address Eligius P2Pool Bitcoin Affiliate Network Unknown with 1BwZeHJ Address BitMinter Megabigpower MegaBigPower EclipseMC mmpool Polmine CloudHashing Unknown Mining Pools: GHash Continues to Shrink, No Permanent Solution for 51% Attack Risk Yet 57State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: 4-day average as of 3rd Jan 2015
  58. CoinBase’s API Gaining Traction With 44 Bitcoin Apps Built on it 58State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinBase
  59. Bitcoin Developer Ecosystem Continues to Grow 59State of Bitcoin 2015 Number of created repositories in GitHub with bitcoin in the name or description Source: BitcoinPulse
  60. Number of Bitcoin Nodes Has Leveled Off in Last Two Quarters 60State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: BitcoinPulse
  61. Crypto 2.0 Projects to Keep an Eye on in 2015 61State of Bitcoin 2015 BitAssets – allowing traders to hedge against bitcoin's fluctuations Alternative blockchain to bitcoin’s Decentralised social messenger Bringing smart contracts to market Source: CoinDesk
  62. Bitcoin Companies are Collaborating on Security Across Industry Sectors 62State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk
  63. Adoption of Multi-signature (Multisig) Wallet Security Increased in 2014 63State of Bitcoin 2015 • Multisig: advertised as the digital equivalent of a safe deposit box. • At the beginning of 2014, only 0.02% of all bitcoins featured multisig security, that number is now more than 5%. • These companies now utilize multisig: Source: BitGo
  64. 64State of Bitcoin 2015 Regulation and Macro
  65. Over 250 Academic Articles on Bitcoin to Date Cover a Wide Range of Research Topics 65State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: Peer-to-Peer Review: The State of Academic Bitcoin Research 2014 by Brett Scott. Word Cloud of 250 article titles generated using Tagul.
  66. A Number of Countries Expressing Interest in Regulating Bitcoin as a Commodity 66State of Bitcoin 2015 • US Commodities Futures and Trading Commission said it had oversight over bitcoin and digital currencies because they could be defined as a commodity. • Bitcoin has been classified as a commodity in Finland after the Scandinavian country’s central bank declared that it did not meet the definition of a currency. • Grant Spencer, deputy governor of New Zealand's Reserve Bank, said bitcoin "behaves more like a commodity than a currency”. Source: CoinDesk
  67. Some Positive Developments with New York’s BitLicense Regulatory Framework 67State of Bitcoin 2015 • New York’s BitLicense regulatory proposal widely regarded as a possible framework for other jurisdictions. • Ben Lawsky announced the latest revisions to the draft BitLicense in mid-December. • Clarified and narrowed which players in the digital currency industry would be required to obtain a BitLicense. • Fewer disclosure and record-keeping requirements for transactions. • The proposed record-keeping requirement for licensees reduced from 10 to seven years. • Broader range of financial assets (that includes virtual currency) that can be counted towards licensees' capital requirements. Ben Lawsky Source: CoinDesk
  68. Some Bitcoin Firms are Making Progress with Banking Relationships 68State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk Safello first to partner with UK bank Unisend re- established partnership with a state bank UK Banks
  69. Russia is Illustrative of the Topsy-Turvy Nature of Bitcoin Regulation 69State of Bitcoin 2015 3 Oct Russia proposes monetary penalty for bitcoin usage and promotion 4 Dec Russian conference presses on under threat of bitcoin ban 10 Nov Russia lowers proposed penalties for bitcoin activities 29 Dec Russian ministry criticises draft bill banning bitcoin 9 Oct Russia's startups seek refuge abroad under threat of bitcoin ban 6 Oct Russia seizes bitcoin mining equipment in incident at China border Source: CoinDesk
  70. Highlights for bitcoin in 2014 • 25% mention more merchants’ acceptance, VC investment and technology improvement Biggest setback for bitcoin in 2014 • 33% mention price drop and Mt Gox’s collapse What to look forward to for bitcoin in 2015 • 83% expect bitcoin VC funding to surpass investment in 2014 • 54% indicate US and Argentina are likely to see greater relative adoption of bitcoin • 42% mention security development as a focus • 33% mention bitcoin seeing more traction in emerging markets Highlights from Bitcoin Thought Leaders Survey 70State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Thought Leader Annual Survey (an informal survey sent to a small number of bitcoin community influencers)
  71. Views on the Highs and Lows for Bitcoin in 2014 71State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Thought Leader Annual Survey Tyson Cross, tax attorney “From a tax prospective, the biggest setback for bitcoin in 2014 was its classification as ‘property’ instead of ‘foreign currency’.” Brett Scott, author “I'm pleased that people began to discuss non- monetary uses of blockchain technology more during 2014.” Ola Doudin, BitOasis & YellowPay “I think 2014 was a positive year (for bitcoin) in Middle East where you see more startups launching, more eager and serious players in the space, and more consumer awareness.”
  72. Views On What Lies Ahead for Bitcoin Regulation and Price Volatility in 2015 72State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Thought Leader Annual Survey Ivan Brightly, SolidX Partners “In 2015, I expect that the marginal buyers are hedge funds, family offices, high net worth individuals and the like.” Izabella Kaminska, Financial Times “Regulation is an existential threat for bitcoin because it can only compete effectively if it remains an unregulated asset class.” Gil Luria, Wedbush Securities “Volatility is part of the currency and is unlikely to go away.”
  73. Views On What Lies Ahead for Bitcoin Regulation and Price Volatility in 2015 73State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Thought Leader Annual Survey Will O’Brien, BitGo “I believe there will be continued adoption by top merchants and we may see the first adoption by a mainstream consumer payment network.” David Yermack, NYU Professor of Finance “I believe bitcoin commerce will become increasingly concentrated online. Accepting bitcoin makes little sense for face-to-face transactions with ordinary merchants due to the delays in validation.”
  74. Views on Bitcoin 74State of Bitcoin 2015 Jon Matonis Founding Director Bitcoin Foundation Source: CoinDesk Bitcoin Thought Leader Annual Survey
  75. Factoring in Remittance Fees Makes Sub- Saharan Africa Most Fertile Market for Bitcoin … 75State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: Hileman (2014) ‘Bitcoin Market Potential Index’, London School of Economics working paper. Announcement article: BMPI Regional Distribution - Top 30 BMPI Regional Distribution - Top 10 Asia 0% Europe 10% Middle East & North Africa 10% Latin America 20% US & Canada 10% Sub- Saharan Africa 40% Post- Soviet/Com munist 10% Asia 7% Europe 3% Middle East & North Africa 13% Latin America 17% US & Canada 3% Sub- Saharan Africa 40% Post- Soviet/Com munist 17%
  76. … Yet Bitcoin Regulation in Africa Lags Behind the Rest of the World 76State of Bitcoin 2015 Source: Wikipedia
  77. About CoinDesk • Find out more at • Follow us on Twitter: @CoinDesk • Subscribe to our daily email newsletters for the latest digital currency news • If you have data you think should be included in future State of Bitcoin reports, email • We also welcome any feedback you have on the report 77State of Bitcoin 2015
  78. Disclaimer • CoinDesk makes every effort to ensure that the information in this presentation is accurate and up to date. We cannot, however, accept responsibility for any loss or inconvenience caused by reliance on the material contained here. • This presentation does not constitute financial advice or an investment recommendation in any way whatsoever. It is recommended that you perform your own independent research and/or speak with a qualified investment professional before making any financial decisions. 78State of Bitcoin 2015

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  • US: CFTC Chairman: We Have Oversight of Bitcoin Derivatives
    Finland: Bitcoin Classified 'Commodity' by Finland Central Bank
    New Zealand Central Bank 'Not Threatened' by Bitcoin's Rise
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