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Aiello settlement report


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A patient's optometrist did not adequately advise him of the effects of elevated intra-ocular pressures.

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Aiello settlement report

  1. 1. COOK COUNTY JURY VERDICT REPORTER SETTLEMENT REPORT CASE TITLE: RICK AIELLO and JOANN AIELLO, v. JEROME AGREST, O. D., and CARILLON VISION CARE, LTD. COUNTY: Cook CASE NUMBER: 12 L 3350 AMOUNT OF SETTLEMENT: $1,750,000.00 INSURANCE FOR DEFENDANTS: Assurance Company of America PLAINTIFF’S AGE (at present time): 58/Male—White—Caucasian DATE OF OCCURRENCE: Continuing course of negligent optometric evaluation and treatment from 2000 and 2010. FACTS OF OCCURRENCE: Plaintiff was being followed by optometrist for approximately 10 years with elevated intra—ocular pressures. The optometrist never adequately advised plaintiff regarding the effects of the high pressures or referred Mr. Aiello to a specialist for evaluation and treatment. INJURIES: Severely impaired functional vision in his left eye and mildly impaired vision in right eye as a result of the untreated glaucoma. SPECIALS: $7,308.00 PAST LOST INCOME: None claimed. ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFFS: John M. Power Cogan & Power, P. C. ATTORNEY FOR DEFENDANTS: Jeffrey Lipe, Esq. Tom Pontikas, Esq. Ryan A. Kelly, Esq. Lipe, Lyons, Murphy, Nahrstadt & Pontikis
  2. 2. COMMENTS: This matter settled at Mediation before The Honorable Joseph Casciato NAME & PHONE NUMBER OF PERSON SUBMITTING THIS REPORT: John M. Power May 27, 2015 (312)477-2500 SIGNED’