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Unlock a Smarter Business with Digital Identity - Sylvia Vandevelde @CONNECT19


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Our world is becoming more digital and mobile every day. Customers are increasingly using online services for their banking, retail, and public service needs. But this increase also comes with a layer of digital challenges around privacy and security. How can you ensure that customers are able securely share their private information, so they can easily make online transactions?

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Unlock a Smarter Business with Digital Identity - Sylvia Vandevelde @CONNECT19

  1. 1. A digital society needs a digital ID A seamless experience from check-in to check-out Remy Knecht | COO | Belgian Mobile ID
  2. 2. Check in Check out
  3. 3. Check in Check out
  4. 4. Think customer first when rolling out technology Disrupt, re-invent and elevate the customer experience
  5. 5. It’s built on pure trust Security is paramount
  6. 6. Remove friction points If you’re not fast and easy, you will be replaced
  7. 7. Deliver transparency Use technology to keep customers informed. Manage their expectations.
  8. 8. Technology Trust Frictionless Transparency Don’t change everything, but give at least an alternative Avoid over- personalization
  9. 9. A smarter way to be you
  10. 10. Sign up Log in Confirm Sign
  11. 11. Time to unlock a smarter business Customer Journey Diagram Need Discovery & Research Consideration Purchase LoyaltyService
  12. 12. Let’s buy a car! And see what happens… Discovery & Research Consideration Configuration car Sign up to safe Dealer CRM Car configuration Email to test car Login to book test drive Dealer CRM Creation offer Identify to create offer Dealer CRM Dealer CRM
  13. 13. Let’s buy a car! And see what happens… Validates offer Sign contract Dealer Manufacturer Purchase Contracts loan Sign loan Buy insurance Sign insurance Insurance company Credit Company DIV Service Order License plate Identify Call for car delivery Confirm Call center
  14. 14. a smarter way to be you @itsmeDigitalID