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AI as Driver of Transformation - Didier Ongena @CONNECT19


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During Didier his session you’ll discover how companies and partners that embrace AI will clearly create a competitive advantage and will grow at a faster pace than those who resist it. Future-orientated companies are already laying the foundations for this transformation, by conducting pilot projects and releasing AI applications for their daily operations. Of course, our technology evolves and we’re moving towards working with our partners and customers to create artificial intelligence that truly augments human capabilities.

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AI as Driver of Transformation - Didier Ongena @CONNECT19

  1. 1. Codit May 28, 2019 Didier Ongena Microsoft Belux
  2. 2. Process-driven Data-driven
  3. 3. The wheel 4.000 BC Printing press 1439 Electric light 1802 Stream engine 1698 Telephone 1856 Automobile 1885 Internet 1980s Cloud 2000s AI Today People (Workforce)Land Capital 1. Evolving towards a data-driven economy The Platform Revolution – Becoming a Data Centric Organization (from being process-centric) Data
  4. 4. 2. Digital feedback loop Explosion of Data Signals – Understanding the different categories of data Data Data + intelligence Optimize operations Transform products Engage customers Empower employees Business Data (facts) Captured through core systems 2 Observational Data Signals (e.g. IOT) Perception Data Require interpretation
  5. 5. 3. Create Share Data model with rich semantics From siloed approach to a shared data model
  6. 6. MarketplaceTransactions SocialIoT AdvertisingMobile/Web 3. Create Share Data model with rich semantics From siloed approach to a shared data model
  7. 7. Patients Merchandise Trade promotion Planograms Device data Forecast Equipment maintenance Accounts Opportunities Service requests Orders Support case Shipments Meetings Documents Calendar Email Tasks Message People Storage Relationships Skills Professional contacts Job History Talent + Office 365+ LinkedIn + Partner SolutionsDynamics 365 4. Unified processes and Data Leveragethepower of theMicrosoftGraph
  8. 8. Digital feedback loop Case - Tesla Tesla Transform products Engage customers Social Media Car stability complaints 2 IOT Sensors Breaking Intensity 2
  9. 9. Digital feedback loop Case - Microsoft Sales Efficiency CRM Data 2 Microsoft Engage customers Empower employees2 Communication / Collaboration O365 / Linkedin data
  10. 10. AI-driven
  11. 11. 1. Defining AI HolisticStrategy, PeopleFirst
  12. 12. 2. Acceleration in AI breakthroughs B2B focus, fromResearchtoProductDevelopment
  13. 13. 2. Acceleration in AI breakthroughs AI thoughtsarenotnew
  14. 14. 3. Everything comes together $5B Investment, 5000 Engineersdedicated
  15. 15. 3. Everything comes together Comprehensivein our approach
  16. 16. 4. Status in Belgium The majority of companies consider AI to be important – but rarely the most important Not important AI is not formalised as a digital priority Important AI is one of many digital priorities Most important AI is the most important digital priority 1 3 542 5% 9% 38% 44% 0% 7% 52% 5% 12% 28% 15 European Markets Belgium and Luxembourg
  17. 17. 4. Status in Belgium - AI Maturity Curve We asked companies to self-report their current AI maturity level 15 European Markets Belgium and Luxembourg
  18. 18. Data-centric Platform Re-engineered Platform / Data-driven acquisitions Big Computing Leadership TrustCapabilities Data Powerful Algos • Linkedin Study • AI-School • AI-Business School • EY Study • Linkedin Study • AI-School • AI-Business School • Aether Committee • AI Ethics whitepaper • Cyber-Geneva
  19. 19. Our view of the Future One often over-estimates the impact of innovation on the ST... But ALWAYS under-estimates the impact on the LT
  20. 20. Investment Philosophy
  21. 21. Beyond the Cloud