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Sitecore and Gulp


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Sitecore and Gulp - way of automatization in Sitecore projects.
Presentation by Radoslaw Kozlowski, Senior Sitecore Developer at Coders Center.

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Sitecore and Gulp

  1. 1. SITECORE & GULP Way of automatization in Sitecore projects
  2. 2. WHAT IS GULP?  Tool for automatization tasks  Running on node.js  Highly customizable – over 2000 plugins available  Very flexible
  3. 3. SOMETHING SIMILAR?  Precursor of Gulp  Still good and widely used tool  More than 5000 plugins  Large and still growing community  Recently gives a way of leadership to Gulp
  4. 4. QUICK COMPARISION  Grunt focuses on configuration, Gulp focuses on code  Grunt has lot of commonly used heavy tasks  Gulp provides platform to connect lightweight tasks, built by community, between each other VS
  5. 5. HOW CANWE USE GULP WITH SITECORE?  Automatization of publish process for solutions with many web projects (Habitat)  Automatization of publishing for changes in e.g. MVCViews, CSS, JavaScripts  Automatic compilation of Sass/Less, CoffeeScript, etc.
  6. 6. SITECORE HABITAT PROJECT  Sitecore solution example built on a modular architecture  The architecture and methodology focuses on:  Simplicity - A consistent and discoverable architecture  Flexibility - Change and add quickly and without worry  Extensibility - Simply add new features without steep learning curve In few words:  Total split of solution into three separate sections: Features, Foundation & Project  Features are separated from themselves so they can be used in other projects
  8. 8. USEFUL PLUGING FOR ASP.NET DEVELOPER  gulp-msbuild – running MSBuild commands  gulp-watch – file watcher that can make action just as file is changed
  9. 9. DEMO
  10. 10. THANKYOU   My blog:  Twitter: @Radek_Kozlowski  E-mail:  My company’s page: