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Advert Analysis

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Advert Analysis

  1. 1. Callum Ellis & Jack Knowles Advert Analysis The advert I am going to analyse is an advert for Miss Dior perfume. The target audience is young women who care about their appearance. The colours used are mainly blue and white. They use these colours because they look clean and pretty. The writing is centred in the middle to draw more attention and it’s bold, big and black to make it stand out. The camera angle used on the shot is a low angle shot. They use this to make the model stand out more. She holds the product to her breast because it draws attention to her good looks, so it makes the perfume seem like it makes you look better. The lighting used on the shot is very bright. This makes the model look bright and shiny. This would make it seem like the perfume make you look shiny as well. There is only one woman in the advert. This way it attracts all the attention to her. The background is the Eiffel tower. This could mean that the model is posh and wealthy. This could suggest that if you wear this perfume you will seem posh and rich. The slogan used is “All the charm of Dior in a fragrance”. This implies that if you wear Dior perfume you will have the special charm. This type of advert is static so it would be god for magazines or in the newspaper. This advertisement is probably a success because it has all the right techniques to a successful advert such as a standing out title and the right target audience. It also does what it’s supposed to and sells the product well.

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