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Urban Coding, the joy of coding in your city by Roman Miletitch


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The principle of urban coding is simple: code everywhere. Cities are jungles to be explore, to be shaped, full of wild animals to interact with. By coding everywhere, you open up to this variety. This exploration can take many forms, would that be for instance coding in an abandoned building where the scene can be used by you or your group of coders for live coding projections, or in pubs where the contact with your public is omnipresent, and so is its feedback. In all cases, it’s about the liberation of coding, its ease as a writing and the real-time sharing of the result and process.

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Urban Coding, the joy of coding in your city by Roman Miletitch

  1. 1. Urban Coding, the joy of coding in your city.Roman
  2. 2. Urban CodingRoman Miletitch• Where you code matters. It can inspireyou and nurish your code.• Opening up to your surroundings makesyou more curious. You discover even whenyou don’t code.• The city is a playground, play and createon
  3. 3. ContentsRoman Miletitch• Where does Urban Coding come from ?• The principles of Urban Coding• My experience & projects• How to• The tools• The places• Next
  4. 4. It’s a king of magicRoman Miletitch• Freedom of practice• Anytime / Anywhere• Improvisation• Create / Reacte• Breaking social barriers• People meet people• Personal ATM• Expends what you think is
  5. 5. Urban ExplorationRoman Miletitch• Explore all areas• Curiosity, discovery, adventure• See the city from a new angle• Meet native in their environnement• Expend what you think is
  6. 6. Urban Exploration: two sides of a buildingRoman Miletitch
  7. 7. Urban Exploration: two sides of a buildingRoman Miletitch
  8. 8. Urban Exploration: Be curiousRoman Miletitch
  9. 9. Urban Exploration: DiscoverRoman Miletitch
  10. 10. Urban Exploration: Have funRoman Miletitch
  11. 11. Urban Exploration: meet peopleRoman Miletitch
  12. 12. Urban Exploration: InteractRoman Miletitch
  13. 13. Coding at work, Creative codingRoman Miletitch• Studies: Electronics / Computer science• “ You should express yourself as fluentlyin C++ as in French”• “ Take pride or f*ck it”
  14. 14. Coding at work, Creative codingRoman Miletitch• PhD in Artificial Intelligence• Cognitive layer, interaction• The code as an
  15. 15. Coding at work, Creative codingRoman Miletitch
  16. 16. Tl:dr Urban Coding, Go Out Open Up.Roman MiletitchCode
  17. 17. Code while washing your clothesRoman Miletitch
  18. 18. Code while drinkingRoman Miletitch
  19. 19. Code while travellingRoman Miletitch
  20. 20. Code while listening to musicRoman Miletitch
  21. 21. The principles of Urban CodingRoman Miletitch• Hack the city• Play with the buildings, people, rules• Apprehend the city differently• Explore the city, the interactions• Take back the city• Go where no-one expects you• Open art in the urban space• You’re making, they’re
  22. 22. The principles of Urban CodingRoman Miletitch
  23. 23. The principles of Urban CodingRoman Miletitch• Gyspie Tech• Liberate your coding habits• Free the code and its results• DIY & Do with what you have• This is my office• Where you code matters• Code Surfing• Open up to new feedbacks /
  24. 24. My experience: a work in progressRoman Miletitch1. Moscow: Magic everywhere2. Paris: Explore all areas3. Toulouse: Rice, code and serial killers4. Chaumont: Live coding5. Bruxelles: Exploration and mapping6. ..?
  25. 25. My experience: creating a groupRoman Miletitch
  26. 26. My experience: projectsRoman MiletitchWhat kind of projects?
  27. 27. My experience: projectsRoman Miletitch• PingOut• Flippaper• QRcoins•
  28. 28. The projects: PingoutRoman Miletitch
  29. 29. The projects: PingoutRoman Miletitch
  30. 30. The projects: PingoutRoman Miletitch
  31. 31. The projects: PingoutRoman Miletitch
  32. 32. My experience: projectsRoman MiletitchFlipaper (ELSHOPO)
  33. 33. The projects: Flippaper (ELSHOPO)Roman Miletitch
  34. 34. The projects: Flippaper (ELSHOPO)Roman Miletitch
  35. 35. The projects: Flippaper (ELSHOPO)Roman Miletitch
  36. 36. The projects: Flippaper (ELSHOPO)Roman Miletitch
  37. 37. My experience: projectsRoman
  38. 38. The projects: QRcoinsRoman Miletitch
  39. 39. The projects: QRcoinsRoman Miletitch
  40. 40. My experience: projectsRoman MiletitchThirdeye (SableVivant)
  41. 41. The projects: ThirdEye (SableVivant)Roman Miletitch
  42. 42. The projects: ThirdEye (SableVivant)Roman Miletitch
  43. 43. The projects: ThirdEye (SableVivant)Roman Miletitch
  44. 44. The projects: ThirdEye (SableVivant)Roman Miletitch
  45. 45. The projects: ThirdEye (SableVivant)Roman Miletitch
  46. 46. The projects: ThirdEye (SableVivant)Roman Miletitch
  47. 47. How to: with what?Roman Miletitch• Working set• Laptop + Programminglanguage• (3D printers / Laser Cutters)• Input• Makey Makey / Arduino• Smartphone• Electronic• Output• Pico Projector• Smartphone• Vibrating speakers• Hubs (audio, USB, wifi)• Thermal Printers
  48. 48. How to: Where, and what to expect?Roman Miletitch
  49. 49. Next steps: organisationRoman Miletitch• Videos & Pictures of projects• Com: Website, facebook, github...• Com: Stickers, Prints, 3D Objects• Recrute• Revolution• ???•
  50. 50. Next steps: IdeasRoman Miletitch• Collective art• Draw a sound on paper• Disco ball: Keep moving• Playing with the city
  51. 51. Get Out!Roman Miletitch