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The road to Ember.js 2.0


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"The road to Ember.js 2.0" by Lucio Grenzi
Why should I use Ember.js? JavaScript MVC frameworks are plentiful. In this presentation I will give you some compelling reasons to consider Ember,and the the new parts coming from the upcoming version 2.0. Different from other framework the new vesion does not brings a far new world because the dev team has planned continuos releases in order to improve backward compatibility. But there are new parts, like in React, the "virtual DOM" to improve performance. In this talk I will go through the new parts of EmberJS 2.0

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The road to Ember.js 2.0

  1. 1. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Lucio Grenzi ROME 18-19 MARCH 2016
  2. 2. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Who is this guy Freelance Front end web developer Over 10 years of programming experience Open source addicted
  3. 3. The road to EmberJs 2.0 “A framework for creating ambitous web application” - Emberjs homepage - Latest version: v 2.4 Date of birth: 2011 Origin: SproutCore fork MIT License Mantained by the Ember.Js Community Depends on handlebar.js and jQuery More than 15000 GitHub stars
  4. 4. The road to EmberJs 2.0 What is Ember.js?  A Javascript framework  Based on MVC pattern  Client side  Single Page App  Declarative  Two ways data binding*
  5. 5. The road to EmberJs 2.0 AngularJs vs EmberJs AngularJS is a toolset for building the framework most suited to your application development - AngularJs homepage- A framework for creating ambitous web application” - Emberjs homepage -
  6. 6. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Philosophy on AngularJs Web application development needs first class support for data binding, dependency injection and testability Use this primitives to build your own high level abstractions specific to your particular application's needs
  7. 7. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Quality of a framework 1. It should be clear where code belongs and where to find it 2. You should have to write and mantain the least code amount of code necessary 3. Change in one area of your app should not affect others areas
  8. 8. The road to EmberJs 2.0 EmberJs Philosophy  Stability without stagnation  Big bang releases  App rewrites (every new release)  Long-lived (custom) branches
  9. 9. The road to EmberJs 2.0 EmberJs release cycle Six weeks release cycle Add new features Deprecates nasty parts of the code Ember 2.0 only removes features that were deprecated as of Ember 1.13
  10. 10. The road to EmberJs 2.0 What’s new in EmberJs 2.0 • Ember CLI • Shift to Components • Glimmer, the new rendering engine • ES6 modules at the core • One-way values by default • Simplification of many Ember concepts: – New attribute binding syntax – HTML syntax (angle brackets) for Components – More consistent scoping – much more…
  11. 11. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Ember-cli
  12. 12. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Ember-cli support Handlebars HTMLBars Emblem LESS Sass Compass Stylus CoffeeScript EmberScript Minified JS & CSS
  13. 13. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Ember-cli (cont.) Require Node.js and npm Require Bower in order to keep your front-end dependencies up-to-date $npm install -g bower Reccomended PhantomJs in order to use the automated test runner $npm install -g phantomjs-prebuilt
  14. 14. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Create a new project $ember new my-app Launch a project $cd my-app $ember server Navigate to http://localhost:4200 to see the new app
  15. 15. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Other usefull commands $ember build Builds the application into the dist/ directory $ember test Run tests with Testem in CI mode. $ember install <addon-name> Installs addon-name into your project and saves it to the package.json file
  16. 16. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Ember-cli addon system Provides a way to create reusable units of code Extend the build tool Found all the addons at
  17. 17. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Emberaddons
  18. 18. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Handlebars 2.x A superset of the Mustache template engine First added to EmberJ 1.9 The focus is keeping the logic out of the template
  19. 19. The road to EmberJs 2.0 <body> <script type="text/x-handlebars" id="ember-template" data-template- name="index"> </b>My videos</b><ul> {{#each video in videos}} <li>{{#link-to 'videos.edit' video}}{{video.title}}{{/link-to}}</li> {{/each}} </ul></script> </body>
  20. 20. The road to EmberJs 2.0 var source = $("#ember-template").html(); var template = Handlebars.compile(source); { this.resource("videos", function(){ this.route("edit", { path: "/:video_id" }); }); }); Result: <ul> <li><a href="/videos/1">My first video</a></li> <li><a href="/videos/2">My second video</a></li> <li><a href="/videos/3">My third video</a></li> </ul>
  21. 21. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Glimmer The render engine, since version 1.13 Takes advantage of the groundwork laid by HTMLBars to dramatically improve re-rendering performance. Compatible with the full public API of Ember 1.x
  22. 22. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Glimmer (cont.) Takes advantage of the React-inspired improvements to the Ember programming model   Value-diffing strategy by using a virtual tree of the dynamic areas of the DOM  Supporting efficient re-renders of entire data structures.  Explicit mutation (via set) when it is used 
  23. 23. The road to EmberJs 2.0 One-Way Bindings On Ember 1.x component properties used to be bound two ways. Property of a component as well as its data source are both mutable. {{#my-component }}{{/my- component}} <my-component ></my- component>
  24. 24. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Explicitly a two-way binding There is a new mut keyword to explicit the old behaviour <my-component compName={{mut}} ></my- component>
  25. 25. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Manage a mutable component Set the value of the property this.attrs.compName.update("newcompName"); Show the actual value of the property this.attrs.firstName.value;
  26. 26. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Ember-data Library for robustly managing model data in your Ember.js applications Is designed to be agnostic to the underlying persistence mechanism Uses Promises/A+-compatible promises to manage loading and saving records
  27. 27. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Getting started with Ember-data Version >= 2.3 ember-data is a proper Ember-CLI $ember install ember-data Version < 2.3, add the npm package and add the dependency via bower: npm install ember-data@v2.2.2 --save-dev bower install ember-data --save
  28. 28. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Ember-data flow Application Store Adapter Cloud Promise (with records) Promise (json) find() find() XHR() XHR() returns
  29. 29. The road to EmberJs 2.0 The Store The store is responsible for managing the lifecycle of your models. By loading the Ember Data library in your app, all of the routes and controllers in will get a new store property
  30. 30. The road to EmberJs 2.0 The Adapter The adapter is responsible for translating requests from Ember-data into requests on your server.
  31. 31. The road to EmberJs 2.0 How it woks // app/models/news.js import DS from 'ember-data'; export default DS.Model.extend({ title: DS.attr('string'), createdBy: DS.attr('string'), createdAt: DS.attr('date'), comments: DS.hasMany('comment') }); // app/models/comment.js import DS from 'ember-data'; export default DS.Model.extend({ message: DS.attr('string'), sentAt: DS.attr('date'), nickname: DS.attr('string'), post: DS.belongsTo('news') }); Retrieve multiple records var newses ='news'); // => GET /posts var newses ='news'); // => no network request Query for multiple records'news', { filter: { createdBy:'Lucio' } }).then(function(param_1) { });
  32. 32. The road to EmberJs 2.0 More intuitive attribute bindings Ember 1.x (deprecated) <a {{bind-attr href=url}}>Click here</a> Ember 2.x <a href="{{url}}">Click here</a>
  33. 33. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Components Based on of the W3C Web Components specification The specification is comprised of four smaller specifications; templates, decorators, shadow DOM, and custom elements.
  34. 34. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Ember Components vs. Ember Views  EmberJs is a MVC .. V doesn't stand for view?   Components are a subclass of Ember.View   Views are generally found in the context of a controller.   Views sit behind a template and turn input into a semantic action in a controller or route.
  35. 35. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Ember Components vs. Ember Views  EmberJs component do not have a context, they only know about the interface that they define  Components can be rendered into any context, making it decoupled and reusable.  In order to render properly a component you must supply it with data that it's expecting
  36. 36. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Anatomy of an Ember Components An Ember component consists of a Handlebars template file and an accompanying Ember class (if needed extra interactivity with the component).
  37. 37. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Generate an Ember Component $ ember generate component multitabs This will create three new files  a Handlebars file for our HTML  app/templates/components/multitabs.hbs  a JavaScript file for our component class app/components/multitabs.js  a test file tests/integration/components/multitabs-test.js
  38. 38. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Using the Component Open the application template app/templates/application.hbs Add in the following after the h3 tag to use the component. {{multitabs}}
  39. 39. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Add dynamic data $ ember generate route application This will generate app/routes/application.js. Open this up and add a model property: export default Ember.Route.extend({ model: function(){ }); });
  40. 40. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Add Polymer to Ember project $ ember new PolymerProject $ bower install polymer --save
  41. 41. The road to EmberJs 2.0 // Brocfile.js ... var EmberApp = require('ember-cli/lib/broccoli/ember-app'); ... var app = new EmberApp(); ... var polymer = pickFiles('bower_components/', { srcDir: '', files: [ 'webcomponentsjs/webcomponents.js', 'polymer/polymer.html' // 'polymer/polymer.js' ], destDir: '/assets' }); module.exports = mergeTrees([ polymer, app.toTree()]); // Index.html ... <script src="assets/webcomponentsjs/webcomponents.js"></script> ...
  42. 42. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Resources and References deep-dive--net-35551 ember-2/
  43. 43. The road to EmberJs 2.0 Questions?
  44. 44. Thanks! ROME 18-19 MARCH 2016 Dogwolf lucio.grenzi All pictures belong to their respective authors