Opportunities for Creative Talents and Startups in Lazio region - Lancia (FI.LA.S)


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Le slide di Gerardo Lancia presentate a Codemotion Roma 2014

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Opportunities for Creative Talents and Startups in Lazio region - Lancia (FI.LA.S)

  1. 1. ROME 11-12 april 2014ROME 11-12 april 2014 Opportunities for Creative Talents and Startups in Lazio region POR I.3 Fund Lazio region SMEs and APP ON E-mail : cdappon@filas.it caprischio@filas.it Ing. Gerardo Lancia Operations Director - FI.LA.S. spa
  2. 2. ROME 11-12 april 2014 - Gerardo Lancia Fi.La.S. S.p.A. is the regional financial investment agency dedicated to supporting innovation and innovative SMEs on behalf of Regione Lazio. Filas’ experience in managing Venture Capital funds for early stages and expansion phases of SMEs has started in 2000. It has managed 3 VC funds with 50 M€ under management, investing over 40 M€ in 75 enterprises (over 70% start-ups). In 2010 Filas has been selected by AIFI – Italian Venture Capital Association – among the 7 finalists for the deal in NRT S.p.A., a start-up operating in IORT Technologies. FILAS’ Experience in VC management
  3. 3. ROME 11-12 april 2014 - Gerardo Lancia POR I.3 Fund is the VC Fund of Regione Lazio’s POR FESR 2007/2013. It was launched at the end of 2011 and will be investing until 2015. The Fund is managing 20 M€ in public funds, and it is regulated by a special State Aid Framework called “Regime di Aiuto 722/09 Regione Lazio”, approved by the European Commission in 2010 (ref. Dec. C(2010) 6068). This framework is today considered a “best practice” in Europe, and in Italy both Basilicata and Liguria Region, as far as we know, are launching a similar kind of fund. POR I.3 FUND: an opportunity to exploit
  4. 4. ROME 11-12 april 2014 - Gerardo Lancia POR I.3 Fund investment targets are the SMEs located – or considering to be located – in Lazio region, even if not yet incorporated as a Company (eg. a business idea). All the SMEs’ development projects presented to the Fund must be “innovation oriented”. The Fund finances both early stage projects (seed and start-up capital) as well as SMEs’ expansion programmes. To access the Fund, a complete business plan of the enterprise’s project must be presented to Filas. Investment targets
  5. 5. ROME 11-12 april 2014 - Gerardo Lancia Filas, on behalf of Lazio Region, launched the new call «APP ON» for young talents (eg. under 35) and SMEs of the mobile sector. 2 Mil Euros to sustain the development of apps for smartphone and tablet with a grant up to 40 K Euros per project. Deadline to send project ideas to Filas: 31 May 2014. APP ON: a chance for young talents
  6. 6. ROME 11-12 april 2014 - Gerardo Lancia 3 categories of people and companies can apply: - young programmers with 35 years of age not yet completed at the date of presentation of the idea-project; - small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) active in the field of digital industries and localized throughout Lazio region; - renowed "Mentor" available to support young programmers with their experience in the field of business coaching. 70 project ideas by young developers submitted to Filas will be selected. The project ideas for young developers, expressions of interest incubating SMEs and those of the Coach must be sent by registered mail to Filas until 31 May 2014. APP ON: who and how apply
  7. 7. ROME 11-12 april 2014 - Gerardo Lancia To download application form or interview for FUND POR 1.3 intervention www.filas.it E-mail : cdappon@filas.it caprischio@filas.it Good luck! Filas contacts