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Startup in action: Microsoft BizSpark, by Mario Fontana


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BizSpark è un programma nato per supportare le startup nel campo delle ICT dal punto di vista tecnologico. Dal 2009 sono entrate nel programma 50.000 startup, di cui circa mille in Italia. Siete un progetto d'impresa o una startup con meno di 3 anni di vita? Avete un fatturato inferiore a 1 milione di dollari all'anno e non siete quotate in borsa? Allora potete iscrivervi online per partecipare gratuitamente e per tre anni al programma Microsoft BizSpark.

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Startup in action: Microsoft BizSpark, by Mario Fontana

  1. 1. #BizSpark
  2. 2. FREE50.000 Startups 2.000 Network 112 countriesWW Partners 9 languages(~ 1000 in Italia) (45 in Italy)
  3. 3. Visibility Full featured Promote Startups 45 Network Partner indevelopment tools locally and globally Italy (>2000 WW) and production + + InvestorsFree Cloud usage + + Local activities MS tech people
  4. 4. startup er 1) Choose image, 2) Choose 3) Provision 4) 5) 6) Manage VMs and then create VM image, then database, then Install Configur DBMS (e.g., for DBMS and create and create tables applicat e load deploying new OS configure DBMS configure and add data ion balancer images in VMs) VM(s) for application Librar y VMImages Data Application
  5. 5. PaaS experience Startup er 1) Provision 2) Deploy database, then application create tables and add data Data Application
  6. 6. ... business CDN caching messaging database VMs analytics compute storage networking identity commerce automated managed resources elastic usage based Global Physical Infrastructure servers/network/datacentersNorth Central US, S. Central US, N. Europe, W. Europe, E. Asia, S.E. Asia + 24 Edge CDN Locations
  7. 7. BizSpark ONEBizSpark PlusBizSpark
  8. 8. BizSpark Plus PartnersLeading incubators and accelerators working with world-class startups.2-300 organizations recruited by end of 2012
  9. 9. BizSpark One Highlights112 Companies since Launch in 2009 Raised over $1B in Venture Capital 13 have been acquired "BizSpark One is brilliant. Its like a concierge service for start-ups. I dont know of another company of this size with a start-up program this good. I always quote BizSpark One as an example of how corporates should talk to start-ups. ” Loic Le Meur, Seesmic Telegraph (UK) 9/24/10