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Startup in action: Frēstyl, by Johanna Brewer


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Frēstyl è un motore di ricerca geolocalizzato di concerti e serate musicali dal vivo. Con una semplice ricerca potete ottenere direttamente sul vostro smartphone un elenco degli eventi di musica dal vivo più vicini a voi, tutto questo sfruttando un database di contenuti creato dagli utenti stessi.
Il prodotto è stato lanciato a Roma ma punta ad oltrepassare presto il confine, grazie anche alla componente americana del team.

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Startup in action: Frēstyl, by Johanna Brewer

  1. 1. Live, Local MusicArianna Bassoli & Johanna Brewer
  2. 2. the problem Live music is harder to find than: a. Moby Dick b. Waldo c. A Unicorn d. All of the Above @frestylnews
  3. 3. the competitionOnly tackling fragments of this iceberg of information Local Listings & Blogs @frestylnews
  4. 4. massive market potentialFans spend $24 billion every year at live music events. $24B $19B $14B $10B Live Music Revenue $5B Concert Ticket Revenue Live Music Revenue (North America) $0B 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 @frestylnews
  5. 5. frestyl: the solution } First UGC platform dedicated to live, local music One place for everyone to share and discover concerts @frestylnews
  6. 6. frestyl: our product @frestylnews
  7. 7. dominating Rome, growing worldwide 8,500 events (more in Rome than Songkick & Last.FM) ! 425 venues in Rome added by users 1,700 venues worldwide added by users (more in NYC than Live Nation) ! 90% of music promoters in Rome have registered11,500 artists worldwide added by users (more than Pollstar) ! @frestylnews
  8. 8. what’s next Increase Engagement Grow Active User Base Expand Outside of Italy @frestylnews
  9. 9. under the hood Public Repos: @frestylnews
  10. 10. increasing engagementWe’re Hiring:Front-End Developer / DesignerRapid Product PivotsImproved User ExperienceSleek Visual Design @frestylnews
  11. 11. growing active user baseWe’re Looking To Collaborate With:Mobile DevelopersTest Our New APIDevelop Android ApplicationImprove iOS Application @frestylnews
  12. 12. expanding outside of italyWe Will Be Hiring:Back-End DeveloperGeo-Based RankingEvent Similarity PredictionPersonalized Event Recommendation @frestylnews
  13. 13. meet the team Johanna, CEO Arianna, CPO PJ, CTO Emanuela, CMO...and our seed investors Joi Ito Jean-Marie Hullot @frestylnews
  14. 14. contact usProduct: frestyl.comEmail: Ruby Social Club Tonight @ frestyl HQTwitter: @karmanet @deadroxy @frestylnewsGitHub: