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Startup in Action - Atooma pitch


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Slides from Atooma pitch - Startup in action

Published in: Technology, Business
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Startup in Action - Atooma pitch

  1. 1. Fabrizio Cialdea CEO & Co-Founder
  2. 2. Our homes, our cars, and things around us are getting smarter every day... PROBLEM
  3. 3. SOLUTION: Example Connecting the car’s navigator to Google Calendar to be driven to the next meeting
  4. 4. GO TO MARKET STRATEGY Atooma will be able to understand ! and recognise behaviours ! ! The perfect action for you ! will be suggested by Atooma ! ! ! ! Atooma as a real Smart Agent 4M triggers fired
  5. 5. ACHIEVEMENTS Best App in the world 2013 1° Prize 1° Prize Italy Atooma is the first context aware service embedded in Gear Watch Robert Scoble Features Atooma in his book “The Age of Context”
  7. 7. SDK for Wearable SDK for Smart TV SDK for Automotive SDK for Phone SDK for Home ATOOMA CLOUD ENGINE Watch OS Phone OS TV OS Glass OS Fridge OS Atooma for Home Atooma for Phone Car OS Atooma for Automotive Atooma for Wearable Atooma for Wearable Atooma for Smart TV INFRASTRUCTURE OVERVIEW
  8. 8. PRIVATE BETA ATOOMA SDK 300K users and early adopters acting inside our Community 80 sensors and hundreds of logical conditions already available! Our SDK is Open Software Post your plugin on the Google Play, increasing the visibility of your team
  9. 9. SDK Developer Makers App Project Atooma Community ATOOMA PLUGIN
  10. 10.
  11. 11. INVESTORS: LVenture Mind The Seed Private Business Angels ADVISOR: Mike Chen, Program Director Corporate Innovation @Rocketspace SF! Andrea Meriggioli Design Fabrizio Cialdea CEO Gioia Pistola MKT Francesca Romano UX FOUNDING TEAM TEAM MEMBERS: Andrea Petreri dev Lorenzo Braghetto dev Luca Barboni mkt
  12. 12. Fabrizio Cialdea CEO & Co-Founder