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Release Responsibly


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Alessio Biancalana al Codemotion Tech Meetup di Roma del 18 febbraio 2015 presenta: "Release Responsibly".

Published in: Technology
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Release Responsibly

  1. 1. Release Responsibly A good ol’ rant
  2. 2. Unit Testing Test your stuff, nerdy boy
  3. 3. describe("This is a unit test", function() { var a; it("fuckin' A is true", function() { a = true; expect(a).toBe(true); }); });
  4. 4. SemVer AKA semantic versioning: and it’ll be love at first sight
  5. 5. SemVer • Bug fixes not affecting the API increment the patch version; • Backwards compatible API additions/changes increment the minor version; • Backwards incompatible API changes increment the major version {'foo': x.y.z}
  6. 6. Branch Git is your friend
  7. 7. Git Flow It opens your eyes
  8. 8. STOCAZZO
  9. 9. Horror Story Time
  10. 10. Who am I? Alessio Biancalana Open Source Evangelist Software Developer @ Pro-netics @dottorblaster