OpenShift – the open-source PaaS by Marek Jelen


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OpenShift is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) by Red Hat. In this talk Marek will introduce the platform as well as it’s open-source background. You will learn how to deploy your next-big-thing project without paying a penny and only within a few minutes. Learn how simple the deployments may be even for you.

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OpenShift – the open-source PaaS by Marek Jelen

  1. 1. - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenOpenShift: the open-source PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) for public and private cloud.
  2. 2. Cloud computing - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenWhat’s cloud?- feed all the children- shelter the homeless people- avert the zombie apocalypse- make your holiday photos beautiful
  3. 3. Cloud computing is the use of computingresources (hardware and software) thatare delivered as a service over anetwork (typically the Internet) - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenWhat’s cloud?Cloud computing @ Wikipedia
  4. 4. - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenWhat’s cloud?ES @ Wikipedia
  5. 5. - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenWhat’s cloud?Cloud computing @ Wikipedia
  6. 6. I want a service, and can’t run it - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenSaaS (Software-as-a-Service)Mom wants to use an e-mail,but she does not want to run a mail server.
  7. 7. I want an OS, but do not want to buy - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenIaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)IT needs to run the server application,but finance won’t approve the server cost.
  8. 8. I want to deploy, but I hate - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenPaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)One dev startup is building a service,but can not afford to pay/handle full ops.
  9. 9. I do ops, and developers annoy - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenPaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)I have so many things to do,and they always want something.
  10. 10. Yeah, I want all - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenPublic cloudIaaS, PaaS, SaaSbut I am nottouching serverbuying HWbuilding data-centers
  11. 11. Yeah, I want all - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenPrivate cloudIaaS, PaaS, SaaSand I dohave tons of serverlove paying for HWenjoy building data-centers
  12. 12. “The security of your shit.” - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenPublic vs. private cloudBurn after reading
  13. 13. - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenPublic vs. private cloudWhere is my data?Is it safe?Do I care?
  14. 14. Open Hybrid - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenOur vision
  15. 15. The importance of IT - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenWhy?Recession is still not over. Will it ever be?Vendor lock-in does not help.Scale out whenever you need.
  16. 16. OpenShift is Red Hat’ - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenOpenShiftopen-source <= Openinfrastructure agnostic <= HybridPaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) <= Cloud
  17. 17. - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenThree editions - something for everyoneOpenShift OriginOpenShift EnterpriseOpenShift Online
  18. 18. OpenShift follows - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenSeems openOpen Hybrid Cloud philosophyOpenShift hasno proprietary APIsno vendor lock-in
  19. 19. - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenFree? Free!Apache2 licensed project.Free-as-in-a-beerFree tier on the OpenShift Online
  20. 20. rhc app create wordpress - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenHow simple is that?cd wordpressadd the source code heregit add . & git commit -m “First commit”git push origin master
  21. 21. Let me show - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek Jelenit really works
  22. 22. Free tier on OpenShift - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenHeh, funny, he says free.3 apps to deployeach app 0.5GB RAM & 1GB of storage=> 1.5GB RAM & 3GB storage
  23. 23. What can I run? - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenDo they support my tech?Stacks - Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, ...DB - MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ...Applications - Wordpress, Drupal, ...Do It Yourself - compilers, libraries, ...
  24. 24. What’s the catch? - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenWhat? Really?still in developer previewFine by mee-mail, password, captcha to sign uppromo code “CODEMOTION13”
  25. 25. If you like - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek JelenWhat should I do now?sign up and give it a rideIf you do not like itsign up and try itstill do not like it? Give us feedback!
  26. 26. Thank - OpenShift @ Red HatMarek Jelenhttp://openshift.redhat.come: mjelen@redhat.comt: @marek_jelen