Sistematic Creativiy and Open Innovation by Serious Play and Games - Margulis


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Slides from Lucio Margulis talk @Codemotion Roma 2014

Sistematic Creativiy and Open Innovation by Serious Play and Games - Margulis

  1. 1. By LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method ! Sistematic Creativity and Open Innovation by Serious Play Speaker_Lucio I. Margulis Rome-April-2014
  2. 2. The Argentine Creativity
 & InnovationAn Argentine Pope? ! “100% Creativity & Innovation”
  3. 3. Argentine Creativity Vatican Innovation The Barbecue of God
  4. 4. The Child Creativity “All the children were born artists, the challenge will be to keep their creativity when they grow” Picasso
  5. 5. Creativity is useless if it doesn’t generate Innovation Doubt everything you know Think outside the box Break the rules Be ready to change the way you think
  6. 6. 
 Is the opportunity to see the creativity like an atitude in front of the events we live every day in order to look for innovative solutions in a sistematic way ! ! ! Consiste en pasar de ver la creatividad como una virtud de unos pocos a ver en ella una actitud ante los acontecimientos que vivimos. Implica crear soluciones innovadoras de manera sistemática. Systematic Creativity
  7. 7. Google Founders They Change The Web World ! Playng Seriously with LEGO©
  8. 8. Serious Games ! Concept & Definition “Any tool, technology, tecnique or toy/game that helps ! to improve the way to play with the uncertain future ! In order to improve the innovation quality”. • Michael Schrage, M.I.T. Researcher (Serious Play Book ! Author)
  9. 9. Develops within the participant… …the ability to solve problems by combining both brain hemispheres, integrating the rational with the emotional. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method
  10. 10. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique for groups
  11. 11. Traditional brain-storming and 
 problem solving meetings! 20 - 80
  12. 12. 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100 - 100 A LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Meeting
  13. 13. 20 – 80 ! 80% of the Ideas, come from 20% of the People 100 - 100 • more participation • more insights • more ideas • more ownership • better decisions • more fun Traditional VS LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® meeting
  14. 14. The Lonely Guy
  15. 15. 24
  16. 16. We have a problem with getting everyone ON BOARD our current initiatives to 
 change our leadership style In LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® we build Abstract Concepts and Ideas (Love) in a Real/Concrete Way We make LEGO models with a meaning
  17. 17. Free Time Thinking Family Thinking Money Thinking Leader Technical Thinking Leader Real Time Identity
  18. 18. The Imagination “Is the unique skill of the human being that give us the opportunity to have a clear image in our minds about things that untill now don´t exist in the real world”
  19. 19. The Power Of Our Imagination “When the Dream´s Come True “ I never could convince the Banks to invest in Disneyland because Dreams do not give any Guarantee Walt Disney
  20. 20. Descriptive Imagination Rasmussen Consulting The way that humans typically deal with confusing or ! complex information. ! By adding structure to information we are effectively using descriptive ! imagination to focus on repeating patterns and so see things in a new way.
  21. 21. Creative Imagination Creative imagination allows us to see what isn’t there. is about generating truly new possibilities from the combination, ! recombination or transformation of things or concepts. ! the domain of the impossible. Rasmussen Consulting Can you Think outside The Box
  22. 22. ! Challenging imagination ! Deconstruction & Beyond, Often using deconstruction and sarcasm, overturns all the rules and wipes the slate clean. Encourages us to negate, defame, contradict and even destroy the sense of Progress t might require throwing away and starting all over.
  23. 23. All the team alignead by the same goals Aspirational Leader
  24. 24. Juego de los 3 Ladrillos Este es un punto de vista de un conjunto de 3 ladrillos Este es un punto de vista de un conjunto de 3 ladrillos Este es otro punto de vista de los mismos ladrillos Este es un punto de vista de un conjunto de 3 ladrillos Entonces ¿cómo sería una vista alternativa? Entonces ¿cómo sería una vista alternativa?
  25. 25. Juego de los 3 Ladrillos With 6 Bricks with 8 points each one you can build 102.981.500 Different Models
  26. 26. Strategic Plan in 1D Vs a Life in 3D 2 D Image 3D-Building We are ! 3D People ! Living In a ! Business ! World in ! 1D or 2 D Strategic Plan in 1 D SP-3D
  27. 27. Learning music by reading theories is like making love by mail. ! Luciano Pavarotti Learn by Doing
  28. 28. Play Vs WorkPlay is About Improving The Process Plan –Do, Plan –Do Make a Mistake and Try Again, Learn and Improve All the Time Work is about Getting Results
  29. 29. Introducción a LSP
  30. 30. The LEGO MINDSTORM Case Presented by Eric Von Hippel Innovation Director of the M.I.T. 7 Engineers of the M.I.T. They worked for 7 years Create a Toy for Children and Teenagers
  31. 31. Users Improve the Product 3 Weeks After the Market Launch 1.000 Hackers Improve the Software The clients were the young guys from the Silicon Valey and the Technology Companies
  32. 32. LEGO CHANGE 
  33. 33. ! “The reason for creating Microsoft was we have a vision of a world with one computer in every house and every office Bill Gates We Have a Dream
  34. 34. Olympian Technology de Marilyn King How Simple People Doing Extraordinary Things
  35. 35. Rasmussen Consulting & Juego Serio™ y su Red Global de Partners Lucio Margulis ! Director of Juego Serio™ Consulting ! 1st Certified Facilitator and Trainer of New Facilitadtor´s in the LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY™ method in Latam Business 4-782-9459 15-3-267-7617 Stelio Verzera +39.342.1977.213 ! Lean Innovation Coach ! Jacopo Romei ! Cocoon Projects Srl Value Driven Innovation Juego Serio™ is the Partner of Rasmussen Consulting for Latam Robert Rasmussen is one the creators of the LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY™ ! Juego Serio™ posee representantes en: -Argentina -Brasil -Perú -Chile -Guatemala -Panamá -México -Colombia -Ecuador -España