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How Docker Accelerates Continuous Development at Codefresh


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Recording of this meetup posted here-

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How Docker Accelerates Continuous Development at Codefresh

  1. 1. Containers #101 How Docker Accelerates Continuous Development Oct 2016
  2. 2. ABOUT ME • Developer, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast • Live in the Silicon Valley since 2008 • Organizer of Containers 101 • Founder & CEO of Codefresh @RazielTabib
  3. 3. TRADITIONAL CI/CD The first time code changes are reviewed and tested is at the staging phase, when changes are costly to fix
  4. 4. FEEDBACK IS RECEIVED AND INCORPORATED EARLIER Developers can instantly run their code changes in the full application context for feature preview and usability testing. Feedback then, can be easily incorporated before changes are promoted to staging
  5. 5. INTEGRATION TESTS FAILURES ARE DISCOVERED EARLIER Run Integration, UI and performance tests on any feature branches using on demand spin up of compositions Failures can then be addressed earlier in the lifecycle before being promoted to staging
  6. 6. PROMOTE ONLY SUCCESSFUL CODE CHANGES Only changes that have passed review and testing will be promoted, minimizing the risk of costly changes later in the lifecycle
  8. 8. DEMO
  9. 9. SIGN UP @