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Spearfishing in the Salesforce Ecosystem: How to Rev Up Your Deal Flow


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Whether you’re an AppExchange first-timer or have an app live with plenty of Salesforce experience under your belt, there are valuable takeaways from this session. Existing partners will learn how to take their Salesforce relationships to the next level, and companies considering development will get a 360-degree view of a tricky process.

The webinar will cover how to:
* Define your company’s value proposition for Salesforce
* Breakthrough the noise and get started in the Salesforce ecosystem
* Pinpoint your targets within Salesforce and enable them to sell on your behalf
* Best practices and examples of effective tactics to gain buy-in

And much more!

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Spearfishing in the Salesforce Ecosystem: How to Rev Up Your Deal Flow

  1. 1. Who is Lighter Capital? ● Lighter Capital is a fintech company that has created a new funding pathway for technology and SaaS companies through revenue-based financing (RBF) ● They provide entrepreneurs up to $2m in capital to grow their startups while retaining equity and control of their business ● To date, they have funded more than 190 companies, including 30 Salesforce AppExchange ISVs ● In September 2016, they announced their $25m AppExchange Fund, dedicated to Salesforce ISVs.
  2. 2. Who is CodeScience? ● Founding partner in the Salesforce Product Development Outsourcing (PDO) Program since 2008 ● PDO Program provides app development services to ISVs for Salesforce AppExchange ● Partnered with many clients in various industries to assist in building 100+ apps on the AppExchange ● Certified as PDO Master in 2017 ● Clients range from 3 person start-ups to a Fortune 3 company
  3. 3. Tom DiVittorio Chief Product Officer, MapAnything Speakers Erin Murray Global Alliances Manager, CodeScience Tom Martin CEO, Glance Networks
  4. 4. Defining Your Company SECTION ONE
  5. 5. Who is your company? What is your 30-second elevator pitch? 1. Defining Your Company
  6. 6. What is your value prop to the Salesforce ecosystem? Who are your mutual success stories? 1. Defining Your Company
  7. 7. Selling to Salesforce 101 SECTION TWO
  8. 8. Where do you start? 2. Selling to Salesforce 101
  9. 9. No customer stories? How do you get your first one? 2. Selling to Salesforce 101
  10. 10. Who is your target within Salesforce? 2. Selling to Salesforce 101
  11. 11. EBU 2k Named Accounts GB 501-3.5k* emp MM 101-500 emp SMB 21-100 emp ESB 1-20 emp Know Salesforce’s Org Structure How is their business structured? Who should you be talking to? Coverage Model AEs are aligned by customer size with overlays for some verticals GB covers up to 3.5k employee companies, excluding Named Accounts Segments specific to AMER FinServHealthcare SAE GB MM SMB ESB Commercial Small Business Consumer CBU Vert Coverage The CBU has overlays for three industries, while the EBU has dedicated industry coverage. 2. Selling to Salesforce 101
  12. 12. Best ways to communicate with the Salesforce teams? 2. Selling to Salesforce 101
  13. 13. Motivating the Ecosystem to Sell SECTION THREE
  14. 14. Who are your internal champions? 3. Motivating the Ecosystem to Sell
  15. 15. Making Social Media work for you 3. Motivating the Ecosystem to Sell
  16. 16. Chatter for the win! 3. Motivating the Ecosystem to Sell
  17. 17. Final Thoughts SECTION FOUR
  18. 18. 4. Final Thoughts ● Clearly define your company and ensure it's messaged for the Salesforce ecosystem. ● Focus on a specific Sales group and generate success in that group before casting your wide net. ● Reduce friction and reap the rewards by making life easy for the Salesforce team. Being a true team player goes a long way.
  19. 19. Contact Us: Thank you! More questions? We’ve got answers. If you’re coming to Dreamforce, attend our Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, November 8th for a deeper dive in a small setting.