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AIDevDays Conference - Sponsorship Deck


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This is the sponsorship deck for the AI DevDays conference planned on 9th March 2018 in Bangalore.

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AIDevDays Conference - Sponsorship Deck

  1. 1. DevDays Sponsorship Deck
  2. 2. ABOUT THE CONFERENCE ➤ AI DevDays is a Developer focused conference, covering AI & ML technologies and applications ➤ This conference provide a great platform to showcase your offerings and gain developer mindshare ➤ Showcase: Present / exhibit your cutting-edge technologies for developers ➤ Demonstrate: Position as market-leaders or trail-blazers in adopting AI & ML for solving complex business problems “By 2021 AI augmentation will generate $2.9 trillion in business value and recover 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity” - Gartner
  3. 3. ABOUT THE CONFERENCE ➤ Venue: Park Plaza (5 star), Outer Ring Road, BLR ➤ Date: 09th March 2018 (Friday) ➤ Participants: 250 (expected based on our earlier conferences) ➤ Format: one day, multi-track ➤ AI & ML core technologies and tools (deep learning, TensorFlow, CNTK, …) ➤ AI driven applications (conversational interfaces, mixed reality, self-driving cars, robotics, …) across industries (fintech, retail, automotive, healthcare, …) ➤ Audience: Developers, Leads, Architects, R&D Directors, Startups/ Entrepreneurs, Data Scientists, AI & ML Enthusiasts ➤ URL: (in-development)
  4. 4. WHY SPONSOR? Showcase products, services and solutions Build technology and employer brand value/recall Engage with the community Position as market leaders Establish thought leadership in the domain
  6. 6. PLATINUM SPONSORSHIP ➤ Session – 45 minutes* (for entire audience) ➤ Company logo on T-shirts OR lanyards handed over to all attendees ➤ Sponsor advertisement flyer* (A4 size) added to the conference brochure given to all attendees ➤ Logo on event website, event’s primary banners, banner on stage, all videos, and display during breaks ➤ 3 passes for booth staff and 15 complimentary conference passes ➤ Sponsor booth of size: 8ft x 8ft (table + chairs) + 1 marketing standee** (pref. 4ft x 2ft) ➤ Cost: ₹4 lakhs (approx. 6000 USD)+ GST *Content subject to editorial approval ** Sponsor needs to provide them One slot available
  7. 7. GOLD SPONSORSHIP ➤ Session – 30 minutes* ➤ Company logo on bags given to all attendees ➤ Logo on website, event’s primary banners, banner on stage, display during breaks ➤ 2 passes for booth staff and 10 complimentary conference passes ➤ Sponsor booth of size: 8ft x 8ft (table + chairs) ➤ Cost: ₹2.5 lakhs (approx. 3850 USD)+ GST *Content subject to editorial approval Two slots available
  8. 8. SILVER SPONSORSHIP ➤ Branding on notebooks and pens (or an equivalent stationery item) given to all attendees ➤ Logo on website, event’s primary banners and banner on stage ➤ 2 passes for booth staff and 5 complimentary conference passes ➤ Sponsor booth of size: 8ft x 8ft (table + chairs) ➤ Cost: ₹1.5 lakhs (approx. 2300 USD)+ GST Three slots available
  9. 9. BOOTHS Setting-up booths can give you access to your target market ➤ 2 slots available ➤ Booth size: 8ft x 8ft (canopy style with a desk & chairs) ➤ Logo ONLY on the conference website ➤ 2 complimentary conference passes for booth staff ➤ Cost: ₹50,000 (approx. 750 USD)+ GST
  10. 10. AFFILIATE SPONSORSHIPS “In-kind” sponsors Associate sponsors Media sponsors Entertainment sponsor Contest prize sponsors Internet/cloud sponsor
  11. 11. AFFILIATE SPONSORSHIPS Associate sponsors ➤ Logo ONLY on conference website ➤ 4 complimentary conference passes ➤ Cost: ₹25 thousands Media sponsors ➤ Audio/visuals, news, press releases, radio, web, blogs, … In-kind sponsors ➤ Tea cups/coasters, cloud platform access, internet access, tattoo/entertainment, contest prizes… If you can’t find what you’re looking for in these categories, we can tailor a package according to your needs and budget - please let us know
  13. 13. PAST CONFERENCES - PARTICIPANT & COMPANY PROFILES Fortune 100 Companies 10% Large Corporates 40% Mid-size Companies 38% Start-ups 12% Software Engineer 22% Architect 18% Technical Lead 13% Project Manager 7% Director 7% Consultant 4% CXO 7% DevOps Engineer 4% Others 18% Participating organizations: 147 Participant profile distribution
  15. 15. - COMPANY PROFILE ➤ A technology start-up founded in May 2016 ➤ Incubating a technology product in serverless/cloud (yet to be released) ➤ Provides technology consulting and advanced training programs ➤ We run one of India’s largest technology communities (16,000+ professionals across 8 popular meetup groups) ➤ Successfully organised India’s first conferences on: ➤ Container technologies - Bangalore Container Conference (07 April 2017) ➤ Serverless technologies - Serverless Summit (27 October 2017)
  16. 16. +91 96321 77909 DevDays