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Help us design the Holiday Lake West Civic Association Community Co-Op Veggie Garden

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Coop Garden Hlw

  1. 1. Holiday Lake West Civic Association Community Co-Op Veggie Garden
  2. 2. Garden Plan
  3. 3. Community Co-Op Veggie Garden The objective of this garden is to utilize a fertile piece of land measuring roughly 54 feet by 50 feet to its most productive ability to form lots of food for the local community.
  4. 4. Swale System One Idea was to make sways back and forth from the middle of the garden out. When it rains the water would channel and have a longer time to soak into the ground before running away possibly, such is in the swale
  5. 5. Get the best yield There is a varieties of seeds from donations we received earlier this month. We need to get a full list of what seeds we have currently. We currently have a bag full of Fava beans, as well as Cowpea beans that fix nitrogen. If we can develop a growing list of what to plant successively. This is different than our original plan but I believe we can make potentially more food if we design areas so that things can be spread out. We need help designing this garden. Figuring out yield figures so we can determine how many people we can have in the coop.
  6. 6. Volunteers needed We currently have 50 cubic yards of compost to till into the 50ft by 54ft section of land. We will need to set a date for the tilling to combine resources and get enough people to help us haul compost and till with two tillers. One tilling up the land in front, the other tilling behind the compost into recently up tilled dirt. There is a local Horse farm down the road that I’m going to get a hold of to see about donations of manure to use on our bed as well.
  7. 7. Design help needed We will need to work on a irrigation system possibly drip to get water from the club house to the garden area possibly laying a pvc pipe that we can connect to a hose bib for Rain barrels or irrigation pump. We want to make sure we follow water guidelines as well. Please help me design a great veggie plot that can grow a high yield of food successively throughout the year. This can be a work in progress that each growing season gets better and better as we tweak it to perfection.
  8. 8. Community Event We will host a community showing of; the Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
  9. 9. Join our Ning and share your thoughts!