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[2012 CodeEngn Conference 07] singi - NFC, Play on real world


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2012 CodeEngn Conference 07

최근 스마트폰의 보급율이 높아지면서 NFC에 대한 관심이 많아졌다. NFC는 10cm 거리에서 기기간의 통신을 가능하게 해주는 근거리 통신 프로토콜이다. NFC에 대한 기본 개념과 통신원리, 국제/국내 표준을 알아보고, 국내 스마트폰에서 NFC가 들어간 장치의 스펙을 알아 본다. 그리고, 어떤 환경에서 NFC서비스가 사용될 수 있는지와 현재 사용되고 있는 서비스들도 간단하게 볼 예정이며 NFC를 이용하여 교통카드를 위조했던 해킹사례를 간단하게 알아본다. 마지막으로, 실제 NFC기기를 프로그래밍하여 이용, 조작을 해보도록 한다.

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[2012 CodeEngn Conference 07] singi - NFC, Play on real world

  1. 1. NFC Play on Real World!! Speaker : singi Facebook : @sjh21a Hackerschoolwww.CodeEngn.com7th CodeEngn ReverseEngineering Conference
  2. 2. Table of Contents• What is• A Standard to• Just For Fun with
  3. 3. What is NFC Near Field Communication• 13.56 Mhz – RFID??• 424 kbit/s• 15mA (for Reading)• < 0.2m• Possible to Read/Write
  4. 4. Where is it? and will be used? – In SmartPhone (is not you?) • NFC USIM – Some Smart Card (ID Card, T-money, …) – Payment Service Like Square • Square used only iPhone. (need some device) – Bluetooth and wifi network • without pairing? – A Smart(really?) Devices! • NFC Keyboard – elecom@japan
  5. 5. NFC USIM! – in my phone• Galaxy S3 LTE (800,000)• Micro USIM + NFC• Spec?Nexus S used Same NFC Chip
  6. 6. If you don’t have any smart phone… – Give up NFC Hacking L ? – Buy RF Module • EBRF700 • Mifareⓡ, ISO 14443A, 14443B • Support to Good Test Program • Here!
  7. 7. A Standard to NFC
  8. 8. So, talking about smart card! – Do you remember MSR Card? • Find That Now open your pocket! – (contact) (contactless) smart card has CPU and OS! = COS (Card Operation System)
  9. 9. A little bit details for smart cardVCC : Power Supply GND : GroundRST : Reset Signal VPP : Program Voltage(Not used)CLK : Clock Signal I/O : Input / Output
  10. 10. A Kind of Smart CardsATQA : Answer To Request acc. To ISO/IEC 14443-4SAK : Select Acknowledge, Type AATS : Answer To Select acc. To ISO/IEC 1443-4 This table is Not @ All!!
  11. 11. If you need IC chip information?• Use NXP App with Android – [Example] – About Iphone? Find it J
  12. 12. About Republic of korea?• A famous and friendly T-money• T-money card : KSX6924 (based ISO14443)• T-money SAM : KSX6923 (based ISO14443)• (KS), but…L
  13. 13. 세상은 돈이 전부다!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 14. standard.go.krNo capture, No C&P, Just Read That!!But, support to “Windows 32bit” L
  15. 15. Play on Real World! Just For Fun
  16. 16. If you shy girl & !boy, connect to Facebook. @sjh21a Thanks.
  17. 17. Reference • • • • NFC 기술 및 인증동향 - 한국정보통신기술협회 • - EBRF700 • B9%B4%EB%93%9C • CodeEngn ReverseEngineering Conference