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Insyte Solution Guide


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Insyte Solution Guide

  1. 1. Use cases for every industry: ‣ Healthcare - doctor/hospital search, alerts, symptom and transparency tools ‣ Health Insurance - coverage and cost sliders, health care reform education, and plan recommendations ‣ Financial and Diversified Insurance Services - retirement income calculators, money managers, budgeting tools, portfolio displays, and credit applications ‣ Telecom and Media - natural language tech support, usage displays, plan and services up-sell and cross-sell, and videos CustomizableComponents The Insyte solution offers you multiple areas that can contain any tool, data, widget or feature necessary to guide your customer. In addition, we add special effects that highlight and draw users to important information. Based on our best practices and your key performance indicators, we help you design the customer journey that delivers a consistent, educational experience to drive desired behaviors. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 3 base solution custom example
  2. 2. DynamicSelf-HelpOptions Insyte creates a seamless experience for the end-user-- providing support and service without leaving the page. ‣ Escalation to Live Chat - Available within the current channel and served up by the virtual assistant when needed; user is returned to their transaction when complete. ‣ Callback - A full-service solution during peak times; Insyte transmits customer contact information to your CRM and notifies your agent for a customer callback. ‣ Email/Contact Form - Embedded within Insyte at all times or when prompted by the virtual assistant. ‣ Knowledge Base - Insyte can integrate within an existing knowledge base or we can help you build one. ‣ Object Library or CMS Integration - Content can be delivered on page or users can be navigated to the appropriate object outside of Insyte and configured to return when complete at the user’s discretion. ‣ Natural Language Query - This type of technology allows customers and the virtual assistants to use everyday language to accomplish self-service objectives. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 4
  3. 3. IntelligenceOnDemand The virtual assistant carries the persona and the intelligence driving the customer experience. Studies show that an interactive virtual agent which carries human-like intelligence and emotions is more effective than a static 2D image. CodeBaby Intelligent Virtual Assistants (CIVA) use non-verbal cues such as a smile, a raised eyebrow, or a wave of a hand that create a sense of familiarity and trust. In combination with these emotional expressions, CIVA uses lip-sync technology that can match virtually any language, appealing to both your local and global audience. These audio and visual enhancements create the emotional connection necessary to differentiate your organization, engage your customers, and encourage self-service usage. In addition to increasing trust, CIVA is a powerful tool that can make strategically timed pre-emptive suggestions and educate on product or service alternatives-- essentially providing consumers what they need even before they know it themselves. Our team of experts will help you select from a range of options and by custom order, our 3D artists can create tailor- made hair, clothing, and motion capture or manual gestures to match movements specific to the audience and organizational needs. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 5
  4. 4. GoingMobile Although research still identifies PCs as the dominant form factor, over time, it’s expected that tablets will erode this position to provide a superior PC like experience. If you’ve been trying to crack the tablet code, look no further. Insyte can be optimized for the iPad® and major AndroidTM tablets. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 6 And if you’re wondering how it works on handhelds, we’ve develop a scaled down version of the essentials your customers are looking for such as alerts, reminders, geo location, and knowledge base access. click the image above or here to view a short health plan demo external/ 60751956.hd.mp4? s=72f7cf85136d27739f 4aa61a1e018bb5
  5. 5. GainInsyteIntoWhatMattersMost What’s the point of all this unless you can track and measure the value of engagement? With integrated CodeBaby Analytics®, you can track every user interaction, so you can accurately analyze usage, accomplishments, and trends over time to maximize conversation, tool, and component performance. For in-depth analysis, there are several detailed reports - Clicks, Keys, and Videos. The client services team in partnership with your organization sets goals and event metrics to adhere to performance objectives at the time of Insyte provisioning. Sample metrics: ‣ Clicks: Total number of times a visitor used an optimized interaction such as a link or tool. ‣ Key Events: Details on goals and key events performed by customers. ‣ Videos: In-depth breakdown of all CodeBaby videos and segments viewed by customers. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 7
  6. 6. Readytoempoweryourcustomerswithapersonalized,Insytefulexperience? Contact us for more information, for a personalized demo, or ask for an assessment that helps you provide the business case and data points to articulate the value of implementing an Insyte solution. Insyte Solution Guide Guide Powered by CodeBaby | 8 Get More Info: Email © 2014, Inc. All rights reserved. About CodeBaby: CodeBaby Corporation is a global customer engagement technology company founded in 2001 by two Canadian physicians turned gaming entrepreneurs (former CEOs of Bioware and executives of Electronic Arts). Leveraging emotional engagement and gaming expertise, CodeBaby’s solutions drive engagement and retention for Fortune 500 customers within healthcare, financial services, banking, and eCommerce. Follow us @CodeBaby. Written and Designed by Audrey Dalton, Director of Content Marketing