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Straight up (bilious babies) by Paula Abdul


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An overview of causes of surgical vomiting in the neonate. This includes malrotation-volvulus, intestinal atresias, necrotising enterocolitis.

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Straight up (bilious babies) by Paula Abdul

  1. 1. Straight Up Surgical causes of vomiting in the neonate Camille Wu @camillepaedsurg
  2. 2. What colour is bile? According to: 71% of parents 49% GP 31% Postnatal midwives 24% Neonatal nurses
  3. 3. BiliousVomiting Medical Surgical (obstruction) Mechanical Sepsis Congenital heart disease Metabolic “CPAP Belly” Unknown Functional Intrinsic Hirschsprung disease Meconium ileus Meconium plug Necrotizing enterocolitis Extrinsic Malrotation / volvulus Congenital Band Intestinal duplication Duodenal atresia Small bowel atresia Anorectal malformation
  4. 4. Normal
  5. 5. Day 2
  6. 6. What level is the obstruction? Differential Diagnoses Of Distal intestinal obstruction Hirschsprung Disease Meconium Ileus Meconium Plug Small left colon Ileal atresia Anorectal Malformation Intestinal duplication
  7. 7. Prematurity Feeds Cardiorespiratory stress Infection
  8. 8. Neonatal Abdomen
  9. 9. Focal Multifocal Diffuse
  10. 10. Straight Up Surgical causes of vomiting in the neonate Camille Wu @camillepaedsurg