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Creativity in: Non-fiction

  1. The unit of human understanding is the story OR: Ain’t no such thing as “Non-”fiction James Maskalyk MD FRCP
  2. Can you be a writer?
  3. I don’t know….
  4. Do you like sentences?
  5. Only two rules abide: 1) Ass to chair ❖ try to keep a 1:1 ratio - better for focus ❖ choose the time of day, and duration, like you would any shift and turn all the“binging” things off 1) Once rule 1 is satisfied, you can only do one of these two things for the duration: ❖ Write ❖ Stare out the window
  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You’re making both your parents less proud of you and less money than you did as a clinical clerk!
  7. Those sentences, though?
  8. Tighter, clearer, more focused. And with these, your ability to change the lives and minds of others. Do it.