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Phelps willwright powerpoint


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Phelps willwright powerpoint

  1. 1. Public Speaking TED Evaluation By Jeff Phelps Will Wright“Spore: Birth of a Game”
  2. 2. Will Wright is…Co- founder of the game company Maxis andcreator of Sim City, The Sims, and of course Spore.He also created a multitude of other Sim games includingSim Earth, Sim Farm, Sim Ant, and my favorite Sim Tower.
  3. 3. ThesisTo demonstrate his game Spore and show how it is a toy designed to illicitphilosophical thought.
  4. 4. Capturing The AudienceWill captured his audience first by showing offhis “cyborg” arm, and then used his ownpersonal stories in order to show how he viewsvideogames as toys.
  5. 5. Engaging the AudienceWill maintains his engagement by demoing hisgame while talking about it. He also continues tomix in science with the theories behind hisgame.
  6. 6. TED Ten Command The Commandment Will follows is… Make the complex plain.Will references many scientific theories but he alwaysuses stories and plain speech to get across the point hewas trying to make
  7. 7. Dynamism I would give Will a 4/5 on his dynamism during the speech.He is clearly talking about something he is excited about considering he invested 4 yearsinto this game. He talks very plainly but at a good enough pace that it doesn’t get boring.He frequently looks down but this is only because he is playing a game while he is talking.
  8. 8. Garr Reynolds TipsI think the main tip that Will really hit on wasnaturalness. Since he was playing a game whiletalking it seemed very conversational. He alsoincluded many anecdotes about himself whichhelped it seem more relaxed.
  9. 9. Nancy Duarte Tips Will was able to practice Design Not DecorationHe used very few off topic visuals and mainly justshowed off his game
  10. 10. What I LearnedI think the most important thing I learned from watching will washow to demo a game and still talk plainly about them. I think thiswill be a skill that I will need to learn in order to show off myown games
  11. 11. Compare and ContrastI think Sir Ken’s visuals supported his messagemore, however I think will was limited since hewas demoing his game.
  12. 12. Tips For The FutureThe main tip I can think of is the vast benefits ofvisual aidesUsing personal stories helps connect you to youraudience on a personal levelDon’t be afraid to use scientific terms but alwaysexplain them afterward.
  13. 13. Visual AidsHelp to get your point across without bogging downyour presentation They also make your presentations more entertaining to look at
  14. 14. Personal StoriesHelps you make a personal connection with youraudienceAllows your audience to try to connect to yourmessage on a personal level as well
  15. 15. Scientific TerminologyYou can use scientific terminology to engage the more advancedmembers of your audience.Just be sure to define it in simple terms afterward in order tokeep the rest of your audience
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