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Beyond the PDF + linked data and other futuristic stuff


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Chris Mavergames, from #CochraneTech Symposium, Québec 2013

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Beyond the PDF + linked data and other futuristic stuff

  1. 1. “Beyond the PDF“ + linked data and other futuristic stuff Chris Mavergames Head of Informatics & Knowledge Management The Cochrane Collaboration
  2. 2. XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no"?> <COCHRANE_REVIEWDESCRIPTION="For publication" DOI="10.1002/14651858.CD008440" GROUP_ID="HIV" ID="589309120202025823" MERGED_FROM="" MODIFIED="2011-05- 06 12:29:46 +0100" MODIFIED_BY="Rachel Marshall" REVIEW_NO="" REVMAN_SUB_VERSION="5.1.1"REVMAN_VERSION="5" SPLIT_FROM="" STAGE="R" STATUS="A" TYPE="INTERVENTION" VERSION_NO="2.0">........
  3. 3. This was one of seventeen studies assessed in a Cochrane Review <link>
  4. 4.  The realization [behind creation of the [Internet] was, "It isn't the cables, it is the computers which are interesting".  [World Wide Web] the realization was "It isn't the computers, but the documents which are interesting".  Now, people are making another mental move. There is realization now, "It's not the documents, it is the things they are about which are important”. -Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web
  5. 5. drug condition sideEffect CReview CReview CReview study study study study study study study study study
  6. 6. Ilkka Kunnamo
  7. 7. Linked data, combined with other techs such as text mining, also as tremendous potential for improving the production of systematic reviews but I only have 10 minutes so sticking to dissemination in this talk!
  8. 8.  Enhancing and Improving Reading experience  Readers control their experience of the content  Concept based exploration, fact based reading, concept based networks of documents, the document is an interface to the web of data…  Based on knowledge not on characters, knowledge modeling, community effort…  Brings together the semantic web and the social web all at once, both in one product development platform.