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Pros and cons of google drive


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Pros and cons of google drive

  1. 1. Pros Compare and Contrast Pros and Cons of Google Presentation Google has an autosave feature so even if your document gets deleted it will be saved automatically. With Google Drive you can access your stuff anywhere you want to because it is saved in your portfolio. Which Program Is Best? For Google I like the autosave and how I can access it anywhere, but I like how Microsoft has much more options and I think Google still has a long way to go. So I prefer Microsoft only because it has more attention to detail and options. Good and Bad Since Microsoft had the Idea way before Google came out with Drive, microsoft is much simpler and has much more features, so google made it simpler that can be a good or bad thing... Google is now making tablets that run their programs but they are competing against microsoft tablets like the microsoft surface that runs Windows 8 so microsoft programs instead of google Drive. Cons Because google is so simple it limits your creating abilities. For example, microsoft Powerpoint has much more than a Presentation in google drive. Microsoft has more options which makes better slides they have more fonts colors and styles than Google Presentation. Because Google drive is internet based which mean it can be accessed with ease on a computer, it can’t be easily used with a device that is not made by google such as an Ipad or Iphone.