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Making share point rock with angular and react


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How to use Angular, React and ngReact to create a custom front end for SharePoint

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Making share point rock with angular and react

  2. 2. Why Are We Here?  Learn to use a custom master page  Learn to incorporate Angular pages into SharePoint  Learn to incorporate React pages in SharePoint  Learn to link Angular and React using ngReact
  3. 3. Crafting a Master Page  Create a custom master page to  Control look and feel (and possibly smell)  Add libraries  Instantiate framework  Can do last two without a custom master
  4. 4. Using Material Design  Use Material Design to make things pretty 
  5. 5. Angular 1.5 Overview  Directives  Use to manipulate the DOM  Controllers  Use to set up or enhance the scope object  Services  Use to share data between controllers  These are singletons  Uses watchers for two-way binding
  6. 6. Demo - Create a Site With Angular 1.5  Client list in SharePoint – Angular 1.5 style  Add modules to project  Set GhostableInLibrary to true in elements file
  7. 7. React/FLUX Overview  Updates UI using virtual DOM diffing  No two-way binding  Uses one-way binding, more like circular binding (FLUX)
  8. 8. React/FLUX Overview  View => Dispatcher => Store
  9. 9. React/FLUX Overview  Use React.MSBuild  Install-Package React.MSBuild –Pre  Automatically creates xxx.generated.js file
  10. 10. Demo - Create a Site With React  Client list in SharePoint – React style
  11. 11. Code to Add and Get Items  SharePoint REST code can be tricky  Need to get  Request Digest  Item type  eTag (for updating)  Angular  Use injector  React  Hope for the best
  12. 12. Linking React and Angular With ngReact  ngReact allows us to use React components in Angular sites  Add react angular module dependency  angular.module('app', ['react']);  react-component: an Angular directive that delegates off to a React Component*  reactDirective: a service for converting React components into the react-component Angular directive* *
  13. 13. Demo – Using ngReact  Client list in SharePoint – ngReact style
  14. 14. Summary  Angular is awesome, except with large lists  React is awesome, but a bit verbose  ngReact is perfect for linking the two together for double-awesomeness  A custom master will give you the precise design you are after
  15. 15. References  Code:  SlideShare:  Blog: