Laser Scan to BIM Case Study - Qasr Al Hosn Fort Council Chamber


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Coastway, a international chartered land surveying and geospatial engineering company, completed a 3D laser scan survey of the historic Qasr Al Hosn Fort Council Chamber in Abu Dhabi to produce a 3D BIM Model with project partners 3rd Dimension. Read our case study and look at the impressive 2D, Point Cloud and 3D deliverables.

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Laser Scan to BIM Case Study - Qasr Al Hosn Fort Council Chamber

  1. 1. Qasr Al Hosn Fort Council Chamber, Abu Dhabi Laser Scan to BIM Case Study © Coastway Ltd 2013
  2. 2. Overview The Qasr al Hosn Cultural Quarter in Abu Dhabi is home to Qasr al Hosn Fort the city’s oldest building and the historical significance of this ancient structure, constructed over 250 years ago, is beyond measure. It was originally designed to guard a water source and one that housed its royal families for generations. Adjacent to the fort is the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation. This centre was founded in 1981, of typical Islamic design with elaborate courtyards and arched columns, as a hub for learning and the arts. Events held at the centre include concerts, movies, art workshops lectures and exhibits. With the success of the Qasr Al Hosn festival, celebrating 250 years of history and culture, there are plans to re-design this magnificent structure into a prominent tourist attraction and to update the visitors centre, art gallery, coffee shop and restaurant to facilitate festivals.
  3. 3. Client Requirements Coastway were appointed by GECO Engineering on behalf of the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority to carry out a 3D Laser Scan Survey of three areas within the Qasr al Hosn Quarter. Survey data was required to produce 3D models of all three areas for redesign and planning purposes. The three areas that we were asked to laser scan survey included two areas connected by an external walkway which formed part of the cultural centre and the third area was an isolated building – the council chamber.
  4. 4. Coastway Solution We used the Faro Focus 3D laser scanner to carry out the survey of the three areas. The Faro Focus 3D laser scanner had many benefits for this project including its ability to provide colour scan data and being compact and light-weight meant it was easy to transport overseas. The Faro Focus 3D laser scanner enabled us to collate all of the survey data required for the modelling process. We provided GECO Engineering with a 3D Model of each area. The survey data was successfully carried out over three days which tested the surveying team and equipment in extreme temperatures.
  5. 5. Point Cloud Data of the Council Chamber
  6. 6. Elevation of Areas 1 & 2 in the Cultural Centre
  7. 7. Exterior of Areas 1 and 2 of Cultural Centre
  8. 8. Isometric View of Cultural Centre Area 1
  9. 9. Models of Council Chamber Area 3
  10. 10. Cultural Centre Room 2 Interior
  11. 11. Talk to us today about our Laser Scan to BIM services UK Tel: Mark Hudson on +44 (0) 1606 786526 Ireland Tel: Enda Nolan on +353 (0) 45435880