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The Critical Role Display Plays In Your Marketing Mix


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Digital display gives you the chance to get in front of more potential customers more of the time, but how does that fit into your digital strategy?
Display can complement your digital marketing activity and become a vital part of your engagement strategy – but for many brands, this opportunity is missed.
Join Erin, Coast Digital’s Display Specialist, as she explores the subject Display Advertising and covers:
-How display fits into your overall digital marketing strategy.
-Different ways you can reach your customers using programmatic targeting.
-How to maximise the use of remarketing to improve campaign conversions.
-The importance of ad design for campaign success.
-How to set KPIs and evaluate performance to continuously improve results.

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The Critical Role Display Plays In Your Marketing Mix

  1. 1. marketing you can measureTM Presented by Erin Hudson The Critical Role Display Plays In Your Marketing Mix
  2. 2. marketing you can measureTM A bit about me 10 years+ hands on experience of Digital Communications across all channels, plus a strong heritage in integrated planning with offline. My expertise ranges from UK to global brands, some of which I have helped to grow into Digital leaders in their fields winning NMA and Campaign Media Awards for Digital campaigns run through my teams. Display media is the primary channel I have been involved in since 2003.
  3. 3. marketing you can measureTM What we will cover during this Webinar  The critical role Display plays in your marketing mix  Different ways you can reach new customers using Display  How to maximise the use of remarketing to improve campaign conversions  The importance of ad design for campaign success  How to set KPIs and evaluate performance to continuously improve results  Some of the challenges with Display Measurement
  4. 4. marketing you can measureTM Display Media; Reach, Effectiveness and Efficiency
  5. 5. marketing you can measureTM Display Media is the priority media in reaching consumers online 42.7% of consumer time online is spent with content sites 28.6% is with communication sites 16.1% with ecommerce sites 5% on search sites Source: AdAge 2015
  6. 6. marketing you can measureTM Search & display perform better together Market Leading Auto Manufacturer Study (ComScore and Microsoft Study 2011) Search & Display = x3 higher Awareness than Display alone Display & Search = stronger Brand Favourability Display opportunity means ads can be more meaningful for consumers
  7. 7. marketing you can measureTM Digital Display Advertising Drives Sales & ROI Nielsen completed more than 800 studies over the past seven years, collaborating with more than 300 CPG brands and 80 companies to measure the correlation between online display and offline consumer purchases. Nielsen concluded that brands can experience a return of almost three dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent in online display that has been precisely delivered using purchase- based information. PAYBACK PER $1 PER DISPLAY AD INVESTMENT
  8. 8. marketing you can measureTM The critical role Display plays in your marketing mix  Display Media is the biggest tool for reaching your audience in the Digital environment. We can pin point your audience with more precision than ever, limiting wastage and helping to grow your brand.  Search performs more effectively and efficiently in conjunction with Display media  Display Media is proven to drive offline sales and nearly 3x return on investment in Neilsen market leading study • Opportunity to take customers from Display ad to sale on this channel only
  9. 9. marketing you can measureTM Display Media; Role in the Communications Mix & Different Ways to Reach New Users
  10. 10. marketing you can measureTM Balancing long term growth with short term sales 32 YEARS OF WINNERS 996 CAMPAIGNS 700 BRANDS 83 CATEGORIES THE 60:40 RULE SHORT-TERM SALES BUDGET Source: The Long and the Short of It – IPA 2015
  11. 11. marketing you can measureTM A succession of short-term response-focused campaigns (including promotionally driven ones) will not succeed as strongly over the longer term as a single brand-building campaign designed to achieve year-on-year improvement to business success Source: The Long and the Short of It – IPA 2015
  12. 12. marketing you can measureTM Full Funnel Marketing Awareness Long Term Prospects Interest Long Term Prospects Consideration Immediate Prospects Purchase Customer Base Brand Response Direct Response Long term Short term 60% Display Media Budget 40% Display Media Budget Source: The Long and the Short of It – IPA 2015
  13. 13. marketing you can measureTM Top of the funnel Display marketing Awareness Long Term Prospects Interest Consideration PurchaseUsing data to drive reach to a new customer Target new prospects only by removing targeting to existing customers or anyone who has ever visited the website – ensuring all ads only reach a potential new customer Cross device reach at scale, Rich Media video and Content Ad exchange inventory via DSP’s Reach the UK market at very low cost Media Cost c. £6-8CPM. Need educating about the brand to drop their current preferences. Video and content amplification can help to promote the relevancy of your brand to this audience. Can be expensive to convert but a core part of a longer-term strategy Steal potential customers from competitors Use Search Powered Audiences (Quantcast) to capture users searching for competitor brands before they even reach the search bar.
  14. 14. marketing you can measureTM Top of the funnel Display marketing Interest Long Term Prospects Example of BMW using the Undertone Screenshift Ad Unit – High Impact ‘Locate a Dealer’ ‘Mouse over to reveal key vehicle highlights’ ‘Learn More’ Show users the content they’re likely to respond to based on historical data New season collection housed in an engaging ad format linking to a pre-order H&M using the High Impact Matrix Ad Unit Engagement Ad Units driving Social interaction Opportunity to house video, social content, sign up forms, location based features, weather feeds etc Targeted to audience, content and behavioural segments Media Cost c. £0.40 – 0.70 cost per engagement Optimum targeting and creative can make the best use of the opportunity to drive data capture or social interaction Stronger creative hook enables an increase in performance Rich media ads drive 6x the CTR and engagement than standard banners
  15. 15. marketing you can measureTM Lower funnel Display marketing Consideration Immediate Prospects Have some familiarity with your brand and some attraction to it, but have yet to try it. Can be influenced by social proof and content amplification to tip into customer base. More immediate effects seen as this consumer is already closer to the brand Take advantage of rich media content features like store locators using geo targeting on social platforms. Use easy-to-claim mobile coupons that remind your customers to claim when they are within the vicinity of a store. Promote engagement with existing positive customer endorsement. Create a sense of urgency in your ad. Referring to deadlines or limits in quantity and availability can persuade users to give your message consideration right away. Relevancy is key but consumers don’t want ads to feel ‘creepy’. This ad expands from the MPU with a mouse over to a rich full page ad which becomes a microsite in itself. Use data points to make advertising more relevant i.e. MasterCard data to effectively target people buying domestic and international flights more frequently or cookie data to store users searches to pre-populate the creatives.
  16. 16. marketing you can measureTM Lower funnel Display marketing Purchase Brands can typically run retargeted campaign to users that have visited the site across both Display and Paid Social for £1.50CPM approx Cross Sell, Upsell and promote best selling items, uses collaborative algorithms to show the most optimum creative. Enticing users back with an offer is a good way to bring consumers who already feel warm to your brand back. It is important to consider frequency cap and time lag in your display retargeting strategy. Opportunity to bring forward repeat purchases, upsell, crossell and use as advocates. Online marketing channels are primarily email and social pages. Attractive ROMI as cheap to reach but highly unlikely to represent a source of sustained long-term growth Segmenting your database and drawing on member get member initiatives help optimise performance of email marketing. Using 1st party data in Display targeting.
  17. 17. marketing you can measureTM In 2016 over 60% of Digital Display Advertising will be bought Programmatically through Ad Exchanges. Programmatic advertising is using data to make decisions about what ads to buy, and being able to do that in real time is an added benefit. Source: IAB 2016
  18. 18. marketing you can measureTM Brand Display is the biggest growth area in Programmatic Programmatic Buying by Channel 2015 vs. 2016
  19. 19. marketing you can measureTM Using Data and Technology to Bid for Display Media A G E G E N D E R I N C O M E H E A L T H FA M I L Y, S I N G L E I N T E R E S T P U R C H A S E S S I T E S P U R C H A S E I N T E N T I O N R E C E N T S I T E S A N D A C T I V I T I E S T I M E W E E K D AY H O M E W O R K T R AV E L D E V I C E G E O C O N T E X T UA LB E H AV I O R A LD E M O G R A P H I C S 1 1 . 3 M A T T R I B U T E S Rocketfuel Moment Scoring Technology
  20. 20. marketing you can measureTM Machine Learning Delivers Campaign Performance Human Optimisation Cannot Compete With Rocketfuel Moment Scoring Technology July 1 July 15 July 30 CUMULATIVECOSTPERACTION(CPA) SIGNIFIGANTMODELATTRIBUTES 120 60 80 20 40 100 0 CPA Number of Attributes RELEVANT ATTRIBUTES OF ~11.3M: +2.11 Visited a product page +0.95 Is in the Atlanta DMA +0.89 Saw an ad 7-14 days ago -0.55 Is planning a trip +0.60 Is reading the news +0.51 Searched for luxury products -0.65 On a mobile device +0.46 Made a luxury retail purchase +0.43 Played an online game -0.45 Purchased sporting goods -0.54 Made a non-luxury retail purchase +0.41 Is in the Tampa DMA -0.50 Watched a TV show online +0.38 Clicked on an ad before +0.31 Booked a flight in the last wee +0.29 Saw an ad 1-7 days ago +0.25 Is in the Orlando DMA -0.54 Is searching for an apartment -0.21 Is in the Los Angeles DMA -0.30 Saw an ad within the last hour +0.37 Has clicked on an ad before -0.31 Has seen 3+ ads already +0.48 Is in the Houston DMA -0.50 Watched a TV show online -0.54 Made a non-luxury retail purchase +1.93 Visited a product page +0.73 Is on a social networking site +0.72 Saw an ad 7-14 days ago -0.32 Is shopping via online auction +0.71 Is reading the news +0.25 Is in the Orlando DMA -0.45 Purchased sporting goods +0.51 Searched for luxury products +0.47 Filed a tax return in the last week +0.42 Has seen 7+ ads already +0.40 Is in the Tampa DMA -0.54 Is searching for an apartment +0.39 Is in the Atlanta DMA -0.29 Is reading a political article -0.37 Is planning a wedding +0.31 Booked a flight in the last week +0.29 Saw an ad 1-7 days ago +0.26 Played an online game -0.22 Saw an ad within the last hour +0.26 Is in the Baltimore DMA +0.22 Booked an international trip -0.11 Checked sports scores -0.21 Is in the Los Angeles DMA -0.30 Has seen 3+ ads already +0.34 Is on a mobile device $100.00 $50.00 $40.00 $30.00 $60.00 $70.00 $10.00 $0.00 $5.00 $20.00 $90.00 $80.00
  21. 21. marketing you can measureTM Misconception that programmatic display equals performance Awareness Long Term Prospects Interest Long Term Prospects Consideration Immediate Prospects Purchase Customer Base Brand Response: 60% Direct Response: 40% Example Tactics: Video Pre Roll, Broadcast Display, Supporting Offline Media High Impact Bursts Campaigns Example Tactics: Display Retargeting CPA Display “Always on” Strategy Stimulating Demand Increasing Conversions
  22. 22. marketing you can measureTM Important to value Display as part of an integrated Communications Strategy Drive Understanding and Credibility Activity that provides proof and overcomes barriers to active searchers Drive Purchase Activity that tips people into action Drive Reappraisal Activity that fundamentally aims to reposition X Brand and broader benefit . EARNEDPAIDOWNED Search Search Search Branded Content eCRM Mobile WOMWOMWOM PR Website Sharing Content Wheat Bran Fibre Recommend All Bran Digital Partnership Digital Partnership Digital Display Digital Display
  23. 23. marketing you can measureTM  Long term brand growth means reaching new audiences at lesser ROMI initially  Build a creative strategy in line with data points  Use Display in multiple ways to promote content and drive sales Displays role in the Communications Mix & Different Ways to Reach New Customers
  24. 24. marketing you can measureTM How to Maximize Remarketing to Improve Campaign Conversions
  25. 25. marketing you can measureTM Display remarketing delivers results for your brand Source: Atlas internal data, Nov 6, 2015 – Jan 17, 2016. Results depict all Atlas clients using retargeting tactics worldwide Source: Forrester Research Remarketing campaigns delivered average order values 18.4% higher than those of direct sales in Q3 2015 96% of people who visit a website leave without completing the action the marketer would have liked them to take A user is still far more likely to engage with a remarketing ad, even after having seen it six times before, than they are with a brand new generic display ad
  26. 26. marketing you can measureTM 10 Top tips for Maximising Remarketing 1. Spend a long time planning your audience strategy considering all the data points i.e. pages visited, list duration, bid price, frequency cap, lag time, location, device, seasonality 2. Be confident in your remarketing strategy – opting for higher impression and frequency caps to being with to test the environment for your brand, then optimise towards this 3. To combat ad fatigue, consider rotating multiple ads per campaign 4. Diversify your ad formats and have a wide range of sizes and dimensions available 5. Create ads that resonate with consumers on an emotional level if possible and drive strong engagement with retargeted content because driving stronger CTRs will reduce your overall bid prices and campaign costs
  27. 27. marketing you can measureTM 6. Promote your high value offers - like a free trial of your product, a request for a demo, etc 7. Review conversion paths on your site and take your remarketed users to those pages that have the highest conversion rates 8. Always partner Display strategies with other media i.e. remarketing lists for search ads, email marketing, social strategies, door drops 9. Work with a relevant adserver and viewability partner. Exclude site categories you want to avoid so your ads only show in safe and trusted environments for your brand 10. Test and learn! Optimisation and data analysis is key. Working with a strong agency partner that understands your KPIs will ensure success 10 Top tips for Maximising Remarketing
  28. 28. marketing you can measureTM The importance of ad design for campaign success
  29. 29. marketing you can measureTM Quality of Ad Creative is a Key Lever in Campaign Performance 29 Marketing Variables Influencing Changes in Brand Sales Total U.S. Source: comScore ARS Global Validation Summary Variables Contribution to Sales Changes* Ad Quality** 52% Media Plan*** 13% Other (Price, Promotion, Distribution, etc.) 35% *Numbers represent the percent variance in market share shifts explained by the corresponding factors. **Ad Quality represents the quality of creative based on the ARS Persuasion Score, which measures changes in consumer preference through a simulated purchase exercise with and without exposure to the creative. ***Media Plan includes variables such as GRPs, wearout and continuity/flighting of airing. Source: comSARS study Source: IAB, comScore, and Vibrant Media +74% Higher Brand Recall from Interactive Ads versus Standard Banner +22% Higher Message Recall from Interactive Ads versus Standard Banner +83% more likely to have an improved impression of the brand +12% to recommend the brand
  30. 30. marketing you can measureTM Creative Message: Emotional advertising works harder Source: The Long and the Short of It – IPA 2015  Emotional advertising produces more business effects than rational  Consumers cannot help but believe better of brands that they feel emotionally closer to  Effects last much longer - Robert Heath (2012) observes this is true of all memories; we remember feelings much longer than we remember facts and details
  31. 31. marketing you can measureTM It can help a message to resonate through storytelling or experiences
  32. 32. marketing you can measureTM It can drive consumers to reappraise and reconsider what we do
  33. 33. marketing you can measureTM It can promote content to get noticed and to be shared
  34. 34. marketing you can measureTM It can move people to laugh & cry and ultimately help us matter to them
  35. 35. marketing you can measureTM It can deliver ways to connect that go beyond rationale messaging
  36. 36. marketing you can measureTM The importance of brand and audience insight and planning is key to content transmission 36 “Business results on the web don’t come from content, they come from content that moves.”
  37. 37. marketing you can measureTM 6 Top Tips for Basic Ad Design in Digital Display Media 1. Consider platform and environment - e.g. in social environments use real pictures of real things taken by real people. 2. With display advertising, you have the opportunity to segment your audience based on their demographic details. Take advantage of this level of granularity and build ads that will resonate with each segment of your target audience. 3. Leveraging emotional triggers in ad copy is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. Use intelligent content targeting strategies to build frequency and sequential messaging with your creative – storytelling as the examples have shown. 4. To truly determine what resonates with your audience, experiment with multiple offers but most definitely make sure there is a clear CTA on every frame. Also make sure your brand logo is on every frame. 5. Pick your colour palette wisely and consider stand out. Rocketfuel have a handy creative best practise guide downloadable ( 6. Consider using Dynamic Ad Feeds in your Display ads to ensure they are always relevant – this could be geographic, weather, price point or real-time offer data 37
  38. 38. marketing you can measureTM How to set KPIs and evaluate performance
  39. 39. marketing you can measureTM Measuring Business Impact from Display is a Common Challenge 80% of marketers across the US and the UK report that measuring the impact of their branding efforts is more challenging than measuring the impact of their direct response efforts. Attribution remains the no.1 challenge for Marketers. 76% of US and UK marketers face challenges in isolating and quantifying the impact of individual digital channels on branding metrics. Across the US and the UK, the lack of measurement tools (48%) was the most often cited challenge to measuring the impact of branding efforts. Source: Branding Measurement in Today's Accountable World: A Tale of Two Marketers., Visual IQ, March 2016
  40. 40. marketing you can measureTM Collaboration is Key to Measure Impact and Performance Global Finance Brand partners with Doubleclick and Meetrics to prove the value in Viewability on ROMI.  Conversion Rate increased by x7 when ads were 100% Viewable Global FMCG partners with Doubleclick and Kantar World Panel to prove the value of their Display advertising and website on in store brand sales.  Website driving +£500k more sales for brand and sister brands within the test time period  MSN homepage takeovers delivering significant ROI even though most expensive media on the plan
  41. 41. marketing you can measureTM Guide to Display Branding Measurement
  42. 42. marketing you can measureTM Guide to Performance Display Measurement
  43. 43. marketing you can measureTM Our Display Guide – Free to Download
  44. 44. marketing you can measureTM 5 Top Tips for Setting Measurement Frameworks 1. Be very clear on the challenge and goals for your Measurement Framework 2. This tends to be a challenge set at a high level i.e. Digital Strategy level so be sure to think big when setting out, the role of Display within this can be the second layer 3. For this reason it can help to set short term and long term goals – i.e. Short term: I want to understand what audiences are visiting my site and for what reasons and long term: I want to create a personalised experience for all visitors on my website 4. Select a measurement partner or multiple partners that are fit for purpose 5. Ensure stakeholder buy in and support for your Measurement Framework
  45. 45. marketing you can measureTM Some of the Challenges with Display Media
  46. 46. marketing you can measureTM 4 Key challenges with Display Media Marketing Ad Blockers Cross DeviceAd Fraud Viewability
  47. 47. marketing you can measureTM Our Approach to Display PASSION FOR DIGITAL Our clients choose us because they get a team working on their business that is passionate, committed and energetic about the opportunities. GREAT PLANNING LOOKS FORWARD Whether it’s a brand new platform, or using technology to enhance our Display plan, we constantly look for new opportunities for our clients. Test and learn is a baseline strategy. INSIGHT DRIVES RESULTS A strong heritage in understanding Data puts us a step ahead in Display planning. We understand the power of insight to turn the ordinary into extraordinary and we go end to end from data to creative and media strategy. TECHNOLOGY & MEDIA QUALITY We plan every campaign with value, quality and brand safety in mind. Clients results speak for themselves. We never compromise clients budgets.
  48. 48. marketing you can measureTM Find out what your display campaign should look like We’re offering a limited number of free speculative responses to your display campaign needs. Coast Digital are offering:  Free assessment of your brief  Free advice and guidance in the role display media can play in your digital strategy  Free support in creating an appropriate measurement framework for display media Find out how display advertising can help grow your business. Send us your display brief and claim a potential free workshop with the team.
  49. 49. marketing you can measureTM Thank you Any questions?