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Content Marketing to Your Sales Funnel


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Content marketing is more than just a buzzword, but actually a methodology of approaching lead generation and customer engagement.

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Content Marketing to Your Sales Funnel

  1. 1. Content marketing to your sales funnelWednesday, 9th November 2011With Richard Brenkley - Managing Director, Coast Digital@rbrenkley @coastdigital #b2bconf11Marketing you can measure TM
  2. 2. Sales and Marketing integration Marketing Sales Lead generation processMarketing you can measure TM
  3. 3. The needs of buyers Demographic + Psychographic • Job title • Needs • Company size • Wants • Geographic area • Channels utilised • Turnover • InteractionsMarketing you can measure TM
  4. 4. What is content marketing? “Content marketing is marketers becoming publishers; owning the media instead of renting it. Attracting and retaining customers by creating / curating valuable, compelling and relevant content to maintain or change behaviour.” - Joe Pulizzi, The Content Marketing InstituteMarketing you can measure TM
  5. 5. Some key stats 70% of B2B buyers use search engines at the start of their buying process Nine in ten B2B organisations market with content 51% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets within the next year On average marketers spend more than 25% of their budget on content marketing - Marketing Sherpa 2012 SEO Benchmark reportMarketing you can measure TM
  6. 6. Content is at the heart of every great campaign! Results DistributionUnderstanding the issues and pullfrom your target market will drive Contentthe messaging of the campaign.Marketing you can measure TM
  7. 7. Content centric thinking Internal Marketing Website mindset strategy Content Content ContentMarketing you can measure TM
  8. 8. Map content to the buying cycle “Content marketing is the process of identifying the needs of stakeholders, mapping the content requirements to satisfy these needs, creating and distributing the necessary content across relevant marketing channels at the appropriate time and measuring the impact this content is having on KPIs.” - EconsultancyMarketing you can measure TM
  9. 9. What are we trying to achieve with content marketing?1. To move your recipients behaviour in a particular direction.2. Understand their mindset.What are buyers asking about you? Answer all these convincingly! “ What does your service do for me? Is it right for me and my company? Do I really understand how it works? Do I trust this organisation? ”Marketing you can measure TM
  10. 10. Mapping content on to the prospect journey Discover Explore Research Compare Decide Differentiate What Show where and show challenge do you are Tell a story! Reassurance why you are you solve? strong! best! Data – Tracking - CRM Thought Thought Evidence. Evidence. Evidence. leadership. leadership. Infographics. Webcasts. Case studies. Calculators. Pricing guides. Videos. Guest blogs. Demos. References. Social vetting.Marketing you can measure TM
  11. 11. B marketers have embraced (among other formats) rich media, social media, webinars andobile. The ubiquitous printed corporate brochure is no longer the pièce de résistance, though a o There are even ways to measure the impact of your content once it has been shared by yourat’s  nt  to  st y  i  d oesn’t  have  its  place. visitors across their networks, though this is by no means a perfect science. The fact is that with the right thinking, planning and execution, you can prove the impact that content has on commercial KPIs. ble of content formats used by B2B marketers5 B2B marketers have embraced (among other formats) rich media, social media, webinars and mobile. The ubiquitous printed corporate brochure is no longer the pièce de résistance, though a o that’s  nt  to  st y  i  d oesn’t  have  its  place. Table of content formats used by B2B marketers5 What types of content work well Survey of types of content by usage Customer needs can be complicated and B2B buying cycles convoluted; we all want to receive information in our own way and each company will have its own process for accessing and - Econsultancy digesting this information. B2B marketers need to understand the full range of content formats at their disposal and how to deliver their content to get maximum impact. Content marketing is more than the basic publication of content; it demands a multi-disciplined approach to ensure that content is accessible to the people who want it, when they want it, to help them make intelligent decisions. Content marketing is an important commercial tool. Marketing you can measure TM 5 Content Marketing Institute blog (September 15th, 2010):
  12. 12. What types of content work well – the Five Pillars 1. Editorial-based (or long-form) content. It must tell a relevant, valuable story. Must be informative, educational or entertaining. 2. Marketing-backed. The content has underlying marketing and sales objectives that a corporation is trying to accomplish. 3. Behaviour-driven. Seeks out to maintain or alter the recipient’s behaviour. 4. Multi-platform (print, digital, audio, video, events). It can be, does not have to be, integrated. 5. Targeted toward a specific audience. If you can’t name the audience, it’s not content marketing. - Joe Pulizzi, The Content Marketing InstituteMarketing you can measure TM
  13. 13. How would it work in practice?Potential campaign outlineContent format Distribution channels Measures• Infographic/video • Email • Traffic• Publications/stats • Search (SEO/PPC) • Conversions• Webcasts • Social media • Comments• Case studies • YouTube • Re-tweets• Events • Display • Downloads• Blog series • Industry publications • PlaysMarketing you can measure TM
  14. 14. Creating that content – getting the messaging rightLet’s ask your target marketDevelop personas, talk to your suspects/prospects, understand their issues andmake sure you speak their language!Utilise your key peopleYou are the experts in your field – your technical consultants, the sales team –you have done this over and over again!Social media is a hidden gemWhat is the market saying, what questions are being asked, what phrases arebeing searched – use that data!Marketing you can measure TM
  15. 15. What is in it for marketers? A better user journey & experience Develop brand advocates, willing to recommend you More consistent marketing with personalisation & targeting Additional Benefits with SEO, PPC Quality Scores & Social interactionMarketing you can measure TM
  16. 16. Where would we start?Run a workshop and establish the campaign goalsGet the messaging for creating great contentCreate at least five content formatsDistribute the content to our target marketAnalyse and understand the resultsMarketing you can measure TM
  17. 17. Marketing you can measure™ • Measure traffic generated by individual pieces of content • Measure calls, enquiries, leads, orders and revenue generated by visits from individual pieces of content • Measure conversion rates for visits from specific content • Measure customer engagement with content on your website (bounce rate, time on site, pages per visit) • Measure the number of times specific content is shared with other people – Social MediaMarketing you can measure TM
  18. 18. Some considerations...Customer pull replaces vendor pushListening not just talkingThink needs and wants not just job titles and geographyDon’t rent data, build it, own it, love it!The quality bar has been raisedMarketing you can measure TM
  19. 19. Steps to success• Develop a new relationship between sales and marketing• Start with curation if you arent quite ready• Listen to your audience - talk with them, not at them• Think about personas before content• Map out your funnel• Segment to 1:1; build data, own it and love it• Analytics is central• Don’t forget your website – start there! Keyword research is key!Marketing you can measure TM
  20. 20. Engage with us @coastdigital /digitalmarketingagency Email Coast Digital Marketing you can measure TM