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CoalitionU Engaging Donors for Nonprofits


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The Urban Affairs Coalition presents Coalition U's ppt on Engaging Donors

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CoalitionU Engaging Donors for Nonprofits

  1. 1. Engaging New Donors Monday, March 24, 2014 12pm – 2pm Peirce College 1420 Pine Street, College Hall
  2. 2. #CoalitionU James Mergiotti President & CEO Peirce College • Urban Affairs Coalition Board Member • Became President and CEO of Peirce in 2009 • Made Peirce the first choice for career oriented, non- traditional college students seeking high quality teaching and service. Moderator
  3. 3. #CoalitionU Lynn Marie Johnson-Porter Executive Development, Major Gifts & Clinical Support Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia • More than 15 years of experience in development, annual giving and corporate/foundation relations • Previously worked as Vice-President of Philanthropy for Presby’s Inspired Life • Has a background in Journalism; former news writer and producer at KYW – TV3 Panelist
  4. 4. #CoalitionU Aimee Miller Senior Vice President and Partner Fairmount Ventures Follow Aimée and Fairmount @FairmountV • Over 18 years of experience in program design and assessment, development and business planning, and fundraising • Focus includes developing and executing strategies to increase revenues from a range of private, public and earned income sources. • Extensive background in media and cultural criticism Panelist
  5. 5. #CoalitionU Ina Lipman, Esq. Executive Director Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia • Formerly Executive Director of The Peggy Browning Fund, a nationally based non-profit organization • An attorney with an extensive background in educational advocacy and organization building • Worked for groups such as the Greater Philadelphia First’s Children Achieving and Health Partners Panelist
  6. 6. Tweet your questions #Coalition U Follow @CoalitionU
  7. 7. #CoalitionU TOPIC #1 Prospecting for New Donors • Engage your base! • Recognize previous support to increase loyalty. • Secure a fundraising board to look for new board prospects if your current board is not focused on fundraising.
  8. 8. #CoalitionU TOPIC #2 Ways to Engage New Donors • Consider a monthly sustainer campaign starting at a barrier-free price point • Create activities/events that allow donors to directly experience your mission • Make a short, compelling video telling your organization’s story from the clients’ perspective
  9. 9. #CoalitionU TOPIC #2 Ways to Engage New Donors • Remind people that you rely on donations! • Remember: the “best prospects” vary from organization to organization • Design fundraising activities to nurture the relationship and foster involvement
  10. 10. #CoalitionU TOPIC #3 Cultivating Relationships with Existing Donors • Have regular non-solicitation updates and communication • Your Board members are your best organizational ambassadors • Show your donor respect—it demonstrates the importance of their gift
  11. 11. #CoalitionU TOPIC #3 Cultivating Relationships with Existing Donors • Demonstrate good ethics—it will build trust and confidence • Your Board members are your best organizational ambassadors • Ask your donor meaningful questions
  12. 12. #CoalitionU TOPIC #4 Closing the Deal/ Securing Funding • Don’t be afraid to ask • Follow your instincts • Be an active listener • Understand “why people give”
  13. 13. #CoalitionU TOPIC #4 Closing the Deal/ Securing Funding • Have a team of two solicitors • Be quiet after the ask…listen • Verbally outline next steps • Send thank-you note for their time and consideration
  14. 14. Thank You!! Follow @CoalitionU Follow @UACoalition