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What are my values a question that will change your life


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Coaching is routine, not only a formal conversation. You can ask yourself a question likes "what are my values?" and you will gain a lot of benefits from your answers which we can all self-discovery.

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What are my values a question that will change your life

  1. 1. 1 What are my values? A question that will change your life Author: Sirirat Siriwan Executive and Leadership Coach Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation Author of ‘High Performance Coaching’, ‘Dig Deep Coaching & Coaching Competencies Today I would like to share one powerful question that helped me discover about myself and understand the reasons behind my decisions and actions, including the consequences. The question is "What are my Values?". Value means your preferences or the criteria that drive you to make decisions or to do things. You can ask this question to yourself. Make a list of your values as many as possible with your opened mind. For me, I got about 40 values in my list. I can share you some of my values which are health, responsibility, sincerity, fairness, self-respect, freedom, flexibility, gratitude, etc. Once you finish writing down your values which the number should be a lot. Then, you select your 10 prominent and outstanding values that present you. Use a few minutes to read it carefully. Later, ask yourself these following questions “what do I feel about the results?” "What do I discover / learn about the list?" "What do I learn from doing this activity?" "Based on my learning, what should I do next?" "What is my insight of doing this activity? Provide your answers for each question. There are plenty questions you can ask to coach yourself (Coaching is routine not only a formal activity). Asking yourself questions can help you see things clearly. When you are able to identify your 10 most prominent values, you will understand yourself about why you did or didn't do something, why you made your decision like this. You might also see your strengths as well as your interference and be able to plan to do something about them. So, there are a lot of benefits for asking only
  2. 2. 2 question "what are my values?". Your thinking and emotions could be also shifted as the results of doing this activity. You might be surprise but the most important part is you will be aware of who you are which is the heart of how you decide to live your life.