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The Power of Saying No


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It's good to be kind and care for other people feeling but one more person you need to be kind with and care for is yourself. So, love yourself by learning to say 'NO'. Don't say 'Yes' and your mind want to say 'No'. Don't hurt yourself like that.

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The Power of Saying No

  1. 1. 1 The Power of Saying ‘No’ Author: Sirirat Siriwan Executive and Leadership Coach Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation Author of ‘High Performance Coaching’, ‘Dig Deep Coaching & Coaching Competencies __________________________________________________________ I am a kind of person who cares about other people feelings and points of view very much. I recalls that when I was younger, I liked to go along with the ideas of the group of close friends and colleagues even I actually didn't completely agree with the ideas. The reason I did that because I had a mindset that to go along was the way I can show my gratitude for them as they were very kind and nice to me. Four years ago, my mindset was changed.
  2. 2. 2 I started to feel uncomfortable and frustrating because I wanted to do and create something by my own following my ideas and my core values (which is freedom). So, you might see my core value is quite opposite to the way I lived my life. At that time, I was not so sure what to do. I was afraid to hurt my friend feeling, she was good to me. Anyway, 4 years ago, the issue was solved and I became free. What did happen 4 years ago? I was mentored and coached by one of Master Coach, Dr.Cherie Carter Scott and I discovered that it's OK for me to be alone and choose to do what I want. I learned that I have enough potential to succeed by my own without following my group of friends. Apart from this helpful mentoring session and self-discovery, I also wrote daily journal which also helped me to crystallize my thoughts, I had new learning and insights everyday about who I was and what I wanted. My powerful insight was that I always treated everyone nice and fairly, and it's time for me to treat myself very nicely and fairly by saying 'No' to other people without feeling of guilt.
  3. 3. 3 At present, I live my life much more happily and peacefully. I can say 'YES' or 'NO' and feel comfortable about saying it. I am accountable for the consequences of what I choose to say. I have become a better coach because of my learning and practicing of saying 'NO'. Of course, when there is no frustration about the choice I choose, I coach better and better, and better every day. I know that when I say 'NO' to someone, I lose some opportunities but I have myself back. I have freedom. I have strengths to be utilized. I have a lot to live my life in more proactive and productive ways. Lastly, I have my quote to share "A person who knows how to love self will love others better."