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  1. 1. What keeps you awake at night?Two of the biggest questions keeping us awake are:•How will I make it in life?•How will I be able to support my family financially?
  2. 2. How happy are you to get up in the morningand start your day?Questions that talk to our core are:•How and where do I find meaning and purpose?•How do I re-invent myself?•How can I get out of my situation?•How can I have fulfilling relationships?•How can I solve my problems?
  3. 3. Why Coaching?Coaching uncovers our blind spotsSelf-awareness empowers changeYou have an Inner-game & outer-gameTo change your outer-game you first need tochange your inner-gameChange is a process – not a quick fixTo create the life you want is a journey
  4. 4. works with the Structure and Process of your Inner-Game and Outer-Game
  5. 5. With you discoverMeaning &Purpose that leads to Wellness & Performance
  6. 6. Work the System and the System Will work for You
  7. 7. Self-Coaching Programs •Life at work •Making the most of your money •Making the most of your time •Health and vitality •Your love life •Taking time out •Friend or foe •Family matters •Home sweet home •Applied Spritituality •Personal development
  8. 8. Benefits to you:• Gain the self-awareness that empowers you to make changes• Have the tools to make the changes you want• Take responsibility and design the life you want• Take charge of your life and be in control• Find Meaning and Purpose• Live your values and self-actualize your life• Improve your relationships• Decide where you are going• Create and follow your road map to get there• Track your progress – all in one place• Solve your problems• Enhance your self-esteem, self-confidence, emotional intelligence• Do so privately, in your own time, at your own pace• is available 24/7 for you• This is an ever expanding and improving system• You have all the support you need
  9. 9. Advantages to you:•Personal Mastery•Personal Gratification•Positive mind states that leads to positive brainchemistry and immune system•Meaning and Purpose leads to Wellness andPerformance•Integrated environment and work-life balance•Self-Actualization
  10. 10. Subscription OptionsAs a Subscriber of you get the following for FREE: Value Added Bonus Value Free ebook “The Secret to a Successful Life” ZAR100 / US$12 Online Journal designed to cultivate a positive attitude towards yourself and others Coaching Buddy Groups invite your friends, team up and grow together! Weekly email guidance on how to use CoachingSelf& ZAR400/US$47 pm FREE email support when you need us Free Webinars ZAR400/US$47 pm Total FREE Value Added Bonuses Per Month ZAR800/US$94 pmexchange from ZAR to US$ calculated to approximate 8.5 to 1
  11. 11. Subscription OptionsYOU GET: Full access to the CoachingSelf System Valued at ZAR400 / US$47 pmYOU GET: FREE Value Added Bonuses = ZAR800 / US$94 per month Total Value = ZAR1200 / US$141 per month Subscription What You Get What You Pay Individuals Monthly ZAR1200 / US$141 ZAR120 / US$14 = 90% Discount 3 Months ZAR3600 / US$424 ZAR342 / US$40 = 90% Discount 6 Months ZAR7200 / US$847 ZAR648 / US$76 = 91% Discount 12 Months ZAR14400 / US$1694 ZAR1224 / US$144 = 91.5% Discount Full-time Students: 6 Months ZAR7200 / US$847 ZAR480 / US$56 = 93% Discount 12 Months ZAR14400 / US$1694 ZAR900 / US$106 = 93.5% Discountexchange from ZAR to US$ calculated to approximate 8.5 to 1we cannot guarantee how long this discount will remain
  12. 12. Individual Coaching Program Items You Get You Pay PNI Diagnostic ZAR350 / US$41 6 Monthly Skype Sessions of ZAR9000 / US$1059 1½ hours 12 Months ZAR1440 / US$169 subscription Value Added ZAR9600 / US$1129 Bonuses Total Value ZAR20390 / US$2399 65% Discount ZAR7136 /US$840exchange from ZAR to US$ calculated to approximate 8.5 to 1we cannot guarantee how long this discount will remain
  13. 13. Single Individual Coaching Session What You Get Value You Pay PNI Diagnostic ZAR350 / US$41 Skype Coaching Session of 1 ZAR1500 / US$176 hour including PNI feedback Total Value ZAR1850 / US$218 18% Discount ZAR1500 / US$176* exchange from ZAR to US$ calculated to approximate 8.5 to 1** we cannot guarantee how long this discount will remain
  14. 14. Group Coaching Program – Find Your Success! What You Get Value You Pay 12 Monthly Online Sessions of ZAR12000 / US$1412 1½ hours 12 Months ZAR1440 / US$169 subscription Value Added ZAR9600 / US$1129 Bonuses Total Value ZAR23040 /US$2711 Receive a 65% Discount when ZAR8064 / US$949 you subscribe Today!exchange from ZAR to US$ calculated to approximate 8.5 to 1we cannot guarantee how long this discount will remain
  15. 15. Find your Success!Session 1 – Winning Formula, Life WheelSession 2 – Values, Beliefs, PassionSession 3 – Meanings of Success, Purpose, VisionSession 4 – Wealth Inside Out, Goals & Goal ActionsSession 5 – Hour of Power, Master your State, Goals & ActionsSession 6 – Creative Process, FocusSession 7 – Make the most of your TimeSession 8 – Environment, Getting Organised, Goals & ActionsSession 9 – Make the most of your MoneySession 10 – People – an important ResourceSession 11 – Goals & Goal ActionsSession 12 – Reflect, Celebrate, Goals & Goal Actions
  16. 16. Who is the team behind
  17. 17. Who we are…Our team consists of internationally qualifiedcoaches and mentors with more than 40 yearsexperience.Our fields of expertise include NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Meta-Coaching Models, PNI, Business,Strategy, Success and more…I can guarantee that you are in good hands.Dina Marais
  18. 18. What people are saying…
  19. 19. AWESOME-Life changing!!Thank you to the Coaching self team for allowingme to express myself so deeply in their coachingsessions, since doing that I have found reason toimprove my health and wealth as this willoverflow into other areas of my life!Ray Williams
  20. 20. I have been looking for a long time for something like ;something which is professional, objective, without underlying bias in aparticular direction, and also something which I can do on my own, in myown time.I have so much in my life which is wonderful and makes me happy, but thereare also a number of things about myself that I feel a great need to improveand work on, and the way in which makes one think aboutand focus on the things that are really important in life is quite exceptional.I have found the step by step approach extremely effective, motivating andinspiring - it is also enjoyable to work through.I am very optimistic about being able to help myself attain the goals which Ihave identified through your program, which are going to help me improvemyself as a person.Thank you for a wonderful concept.Val Jensen
  21. 21. A Gem in the Toolkit - Decision Making ProcessI had the need to use the” Decision Making”process in the Toolkit on for asecond time and my world lit up as I answeredthe questions and I gained the clarity on whatdecision I had to make .Manuela Savage
  22. 22. PART OF THE STORY OF MY LIFE (EnteringMotherhood) with CoachingSelfI discovered that family is very important no matter whothey are. This course helped me to accept and love myparents and appreciate how they raised me. It made mesee the good in the bad. It changed my fear of being aparent.Now I know that I can do it, I can change the fear of notbeing myself. I CAN BE ME, not the reflection of my pastBUT the best parent that I’m destined to be.NonkyMakena
  23. 23. Hi Dina, finished reading the ebook. Fantastic read!!!Im one of those naive/eternal optimists - think I amfortunate that my personality is such that I automaticallylook at the positives in most situations.Its so surreal that you are actually your own thoughts.Your outside world is a carbon copy/reflection of yourthoughts!!Im an obsessive reader and big on personal growth andhave found your book so thought-provoking andinformative. Thank you and keep doing what you doing.DalisuDube
  24. 24. Could you benefit by using system?Do you agree that the offering is good value for money?Are you prepared to invest in yourself?If Yes, then take the next step now!
  25. 25. Next Steps•Visit•Register as a Member•Activate your Membership•Login•Click on Shop•Purchase your Subscription•Start your Journey•We are with you all the way!