Realization Life Coaching


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A presentation describing personal coaching and its benefits.

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Realization Life Coaching

  1. 1. Realization Life CoachingBret & Lynne Maukonenwww.realizationlifecoaching.com519.900.0517Ontario, Canada
  2. 2. What is coaching?Essentially, it is a relationship . . .one which focuses on you,on what you want in life, andon helping you to achieve it
  3. 3. Who benefits from life coaching?People who . . . are ready for a change are facing a major decision want to take the next step are looking for accountability
  4. 4. taking action . . . realizationProfessional coaching is an ongoingrelationship which focuses on theclient taking action toward therealization of their vision, goalsor desires . . .“Definition of Coaching”Professional and Personal Coaches Association (PPCA)
  5. 5. What are some things that a coachcontributes to the relationship? Help clients set better goals andassist them to reach those goals Motivate clients to do more thanthey would have done on their own Focus clients in order to producequicker results Facilitate more significant accomplishmentsby providing tools, support, and structure
  6. 6. “I absolutely believe thatpeople, unless coached,never reach theirmaximum capabilities.”Bob Nardelli, former CEO, The Home Depot
  7. 7. Why hire a coach?1. You will set far better goals thatmotivate you in a healthy way.2. You will accomplish goals, tasks andprojects much more quickly.3. You will make fewer mistakes in yourbusiness life or in your personal life.4. You will move up to the next level ofyour professional and personal life.
  8. 8. Why hire a coach? (2)1. You will reduce the number of problemsyou have and better resolve theproblems that are left.2. You will likely make more money inyour career, profession or business.3. You will be much more effective andinfluential with others: family, businessand personal relationships.4. You will become much more attractiveto others – on the inside and on the outside.
  9. 9. Proven to WorkCoaching has been proven to workwhen these two factors are present . . .1. the client is willing to growand2. there is a gap between wherethe client is today andwhere the client wants to be.
  10. 10. Coaching has helped . . .– People who are self-motivated.– People who want to make a difference in thelives of others.– People who have demonstrated success in their ownbusiness or profession, and yet wish further growth!– People who are in transition, i.e. career shift,job change, divorce, illness, etc.– People who can afford coaching fees withoutunduly burdening themselves or their families.– High-functioning entrepreneurs and professionalswho want to “get a life” and build a legacy!
  11. 11. Coaching is not therapycreatingresolvingattractionprotectingsynchronicitytimingperformanceprogressjoyhappinessintuitionfeelingsmomentumsafetytransformationchangeactionunderstandingachievementhealingCoaching is abouttherapy is aboutThomas Leonard
  12. 12. “By claiming what we alreadyare, we best prepare ourselvesfor what we shall be.”Henri J. M. Nouwen
  13. 13. Realize . . . your potential what you need to move forward, faster how much you have going for you the significance of your relationships the fulfillment of your hopes & dreams the value you bring to your workplace and home the extent to which you can take charge of yourlife