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Woodland Period


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Woodland Period

  1. 1. The Woodland Indians.The rise of the Woodland Indians began after 1000B.C. and ended around 800 A.D.They developed Farming along the East Coast. ◦ They cleared fields using new tools that they developed. Grooved axes were made out of stone. ◦ They began to plant and harvest crops. ◦ They began to store excess food for the winter and early spring.
  2. 2. Notice the selection of plants is verylimited compared to what we have today.
  3. 3. The Woodland Indians.Tools:Bow and Arrow This allowed them to hunt larger game such at deer.
  4. 4. The Woodland IndiansSETTLEMENTSGroups began to form tribes that would settle along streams and creeks.Built protective walls around their villages and storage facilities.
  5. 5. The Woodland Indians Three things that the Woodland Indians developed first:______________________________________ _____1. Bow and Arrows.2. Well-developed pottery. 1. Made from Clay.3. Farming.
  6. 6. What river flows through the center ofthis region?
  7. 7. Tools used to decorate pottery
  8. 8. The Woodland IndiansReligion: ◦ They started building burial mounds for their dead.  Example – Rock Eagle ◦ They would bury their dead with many items that they felt were special. ◦ They also believed in an life after death.
  9. 9. Burial Mound in Central GA.
  10. 10. They believed in life after death.