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Native Americans - By Haley Wellborn


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Native Americans - By Haley Wellborn

  1. 1. Native Americans By: Haley Grace Wellborn Woodland Indians Desoto Archaic Indians The 4 historic periodsPaleo Indians The ending Mississippian Indians
  2. 2. The 4 historic periods• Paleo• Archaic• Woodland• Mississippian HOME
  3. 3. Paleo Indians• Paleos were highly nomadic foragers in a late glacial/early modern environment.• They hunted, fished and collected a variety of animal and plant foods.• In the northern parts of the state, their annual migration route covered hundreds of miles.• The most distinctive artifact is the fluted spear point. Scrapers were used for working hides and making wooden and bone tools. HOME
  4. 4. Archaic Indians• Hunters and gatherers used a variety of special tools such as axes, atlatl (spear thrower) weights, grinding stones, stone drills and a diversity of stone spear point styles.• They hunted and fished, and collected plant foods in an emerging deciduous forest.• Native American groups continued to migrate through a cycle of seasonal rounds but territories became smaller compared to Paleo times.• The population gradually increased during this period. HOME
  5. 5. Woodland Indians• Horticulture was practiced across the state and, by the end of this period, most groups practiced agriculture.• They lived in permanent stockade villages.• Native Americans organized into tribes.• Numerous pottery shapes and designs were used along with elaborate clay smoking pipes. Stone Celts were common. The bow and arrow developed as the main mode of weaponry. HOME
  6. 6. Mississippian Indians• Mississippian people lived throughout Illinois.• In southern Illinois, they built a village on the crest of Millstone Bluff.• And built a large cemetery now known as Dickson Mounds.• Near East St. Louis, Mississippian people built Cahokia, one of the largest Native American cities in North The largest mound Monks Mound is larger at its base than any of the Egyptian pyramids. HOME
  7. 7. Desoto• Hernando de Soto was a Spanish explorer.• while leading the first European expedition deep into the territory of the modern-day US.• was the first European documented to have crossed the Mississippi River.• He traveled threw, Georgia, Carolinas, Alabama, and Tennessee. HOME
  8. 8. The ending• I hope y’all enjoyed looking threw this! Here’s some questions I must answer:• What group used Atlatl? Paleo• What group first used bow and arrow? Woodland• What group started farming and lived in one place? Woodland HOME