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Climate Questions Power Point


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Climate Questions Power Point

  1. 1. Climate Chapter 1 Section 3
  2. 2. Explain the difference between weather and climate.
  3. 3. Explain the difference between weather and climate. • Weather varies constantly. Can change day to day. Climate remains stable over a long period of time.
  4. 4. Winter
  5. 5. Fall
  6. 6. Spring
  7. 7. Summer
  8. 8. List the effects of temperature, precipitation, wind, wind currents, and ocean currents on the state of Georgia.
  9. 9. Temperature • The temperature is usually relatively comfortable in our state. • This is good for industry and farming.
  10. 10. Precipitation • Vital to the economy because it aids in the growth of crops and the forests. • Droughts highly affect our economy.
  11. 11. Wind • Influences the overall weather pattern of our state. • Was useful to early explorers for traveling to the new world.
  12. 12. Wind Currents • Useful to early explorers for traveling to and from the new world.
  13. 13. Ocean Currents • Helped early explorers travel to the new world. • Equalizes the earth surface temperatures and influences the climate and living conditions.
  14. 14. Who has seen this movie?
  15. 15. Define Vertical Climate.
  16. 16. Define Vertical Climate. • The higher the elevation, the colder the climate.
  17. 17. What other types of weather phenomena do we have in Georgia?
  18. 18. Hurricanes, Nor’easter, and Tornadoes.
  19. 19. Why is Georgia’s climate relatively mild?
  20. 20. Because of Georgia’s Latitude.
  21. 21. Complete the map skills questions on p. 23.
  22. 22. 46 – 50 degrees. And +81
  23. 23. Explain what we can learn from birds about the weather.
  24. 24. Birds can tell us how long the rain will last.
  25. 25. List the main points of the spotlight on drought, p. 24.
  26. 26. Droughts • Impacts the economy. • Impacts us socially. • Impacts us environmentally.
  27. 27. Why is Georgia’s limited annual snowfall important?
  28. 28. It melts off the mountains and runs off into the streams, rivers, and lakes.
  29. 29. Explain the strong influence of winds, wind currents, and ocean currents on Georgia.
  30. 30. Impacts • Our Climate. • Early Explorers travel. • Weather. • Economy. Just to list a few!
  31. 31. Explain how a hurricane is formed. Where do Atlantic hurricanes originate?
  32. 32. 80 degree plus water temperature transforms heat energy into strong winds and heavy waves. Hurricanes originate off the coast of Africa in tropical depressions.
  33. 33. What was the costliest hurricane to hit the east coast?
  34. 34. Hurricane Andrew down in Florida.
  35. 35. Describe a nor’easter.
  36. 36. Looks like a hurricane, but the winds are not as strong and there is much more rain.
  37. 37. Explain how a tornado is formed according to your text. What does tornado mean in Spanish?
  38. 38. Warm moist air mixes with a rapidly moving storm front. Spanish for “thunderstorm”.
  39. 39. What is the difference between El Nino and La Nina?
  40. 40. El Nino – little boy – which is warmer than normal ocean temperatures. La Nina – little girl – colder than normal ocean temperatures.