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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. NEPAL Nepali is the one of the smallest country in Asia. Nepal is between China and India
  2. 2. CultureIn Nepal More then 80% believe in Hindu and about 15% believe in Buddhist and 5 %believe in christen.Hindu people have lot of holiday then Christen . One holiday is called holli in how every were inNepal people put colors and have fun all day long .The other festival is teej the women dance and have funwith their family
  3. 3. Children LifeSome children in Nepal is homeless because they don’t have there family or anyone else.That children live by Hindu Temple. In Hindu Temple they give homeless child food to eat.Also some of the homeless child work to eat food.
  4. 4. Education In Nepal it is hard to get education. If you got money you can go to school but if not the you have to work as a farmer. But in refugee camp the children can go to school for free. The student have the school dress.
  5. 5. PopulationThe population of Nepal is 29.9 million. Also more then 1.8 million population is growing.
  6. 6. Nepal Beauty In country of Nepal there is lot of mountain, and good for farming place. Also in Nepal we have the world highest mountain Mount Everest. Also in Nepal we have lot of place for farming.
  7. 7. Kathmandu Nepal Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Also Kathmandu Nepal is overcrowded city. More then 10.5 Million people live in Kathmandu. Also Kathmandu Nepal is surround by Mountain .
  8. 8. Believe In country of Nepal people really don’t believe in christen. Almost all people believe in Hindu and Buddhist. There are many temple all around Nepal.