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Ever wonder what QR codes are and How you can get a QR reader to decode them? Here's a simple and easy to follow guide on QR codes 101.

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Qr codes

  1. 1. What Are QR Codes And What Do They Do Exactly? Scan code with your phone Get QR Code Reader at www.Ez.com/getreader On A Computer? www.SynergyMarketingPro.comSynergy Marketing Pro offers Marketing Strategies and Services for SmallBusinesses. You can reach us at www.SynergyMarketingPro.com
  2. 2. What Are QR Codes And What Do They Do Exactly?You will see more of these QR codes (Quick Response Codes) popping up asthey get more popular. These can be read and decoded quickly by any mobiledevices that have the decoder software installed.QR Codes are also sometimes referred to as 2D bar codes. This is becausethese bar codes encode information horizontally and vertically. They cantherefore able to store considerably far more data compared to theconventional bar codes.But What Do They Do?These codes are used to store information. On being decoded (when scannedusing a mobile phone or decoder) these codes can bring you to an on-linesource information. This could be in the form of is a web URL, an image, avideo or just plain text.QR Codes bring you a load of information quickly and conveniently. Withthese QR code and readers, mobile phone users no longer need to key inlengthy hypertext links. And when scanned, the data is stored in your mobilephone for long-term reference. That is a hassle-free and convenient featurefor all who are using mobile devices and are on the go.Who Would Use These QR Codes and Where Do You FindThem?Off-line, we are seeing more of these codes used in magazines, book covers,brochures, business card, posters, banners, T-shirts, mugs, letter heads andyes even bill boards. You can even attach QR to product information, itemQR Codes © http://www.SynergyMarketingPro Page 2
  3. 3. tags or your packaging description, basically anywhere that requiresadditional data.On one hand, QR codes bring off-line visitors who are scanning these codes tothe internet word of blogs, websites, Facebook Fan Pages, event websitepages, YouTube Channels as well as your online ecommerce stores.On the other hand, they also bring on-line users who use their mobile devicesfor Google local searches or location-based social media (such as Foursquareor Gowalla) to the off-line businesses and stores to check out the latestspecials or discounts.QR codes bridge the space between offline businesses with the internet worldand integrate the two together. Today the line between online and offlinebusinesses is blurring and that is a good thing.How Do You Read These QR Codes?You do not need any high-tech, chunky hand-held scanning device to decodethese QR codes. If you have a mobile phone with a camera you are good togo. Follow the steps below to get your QR code reader in order to decodethese codes:1 - For each mobile phone make and model, theres a bar code applicationthat you can download for free. Often the application is already pre-installedon your mobile devices so you can readily use it. Otherwise, it is possible toGoogle "QR signal decoder +" your telephone design and you’ll be able todownload the application and install it onto your device. You can also get yourQR Code Reader here.2 – You can activate the application by tapping the application icon. You arethen ready to take a photo of a QR Code with your mobile phone. You can trythe QR code you see at the side on the next page.QR Codes © http://www.SynergyMarketingPro Page 3
  4. 4. Scan code with your phone Get QR Code Reader at www.Ez.com/getreader On A Computer? www.SynergyMarketingPro.com3 – Your QR code decoder will read and decode the information stored andbring you to the pre-defined destination on the web.The information that is scanned now remains in your phone and you can referto it anytime. Thats a convenient way of getting and keeping information formobile users.For more detailed steps on where to download your specific QR reader andhow you can scan these codes, you can refer to this video “How To Scan A QRCode Or A 2D Barcode” here.For more tips and resources on social media and mobile marketing, you canvisit the Synergy Marketing Pro Facebook Business Page or you can get a freereport on 5 Steps to Mastering Social Media in 1 Hour A Week.QR Codes © http://www.SynergyMarketingPro Page 4
  5. 5. Additional Resources 1 - Free Report On 5 Steps To Master Social Media In 1 Hour A Week @ http://www.synergymarketingpro.com/1hoursocialmedia 2 - Marketing On Facebook – Best Practice Guidelines by Facebook 3 - 7 Tips To Using Facebook Fan Pages @ http://www.SynergyMarketingPro.com/using-facebook-fan-pages/QR Codes © http://www.SynergyMarketingPro Page 5