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Start An Online Tutoring Business - Presentation Slides


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Online learning is a $107 billion industry. Are you a teacher, trainer, tutor or coach?
Would you like to teach online on your own terms?

You don't need to work for an online tutoring agency and you don't need complicated LMS to start off with (there are other options you can use).

This can be done in real time or pre-recorded and no, you don't need to work for an agency. You can run your own business with your unique approach.

You don't have to be techy either. Have a read through and let me know your thoughts. If you find this helpful, feel free to share this and get in touch if you have any questions.

Start your own online teaching business. It's a viable business and you can do it without complicated technology.

For more information on teaching online visit

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Start An Online Tutoring Business - Presentation Slides

  2. 2. Traditional learning method is not going away. But e-Learning is projected for massive growth for corporations and schools. Are you positioned for online teaching /coaching/consulting business? INDUSTRYPOISED FOR$107BILLION ONLINELEARNING
  3. 3. Continuous on-demand digital learning has gone mainstream as workforce keeps updated with technology and new ways of doing business. Online tutoring is an accepted avenue for school students the require supplementary learning. Time to build your own online business? Louisa Chan discussed this in a live National TV broadcast. LEARNINGISGOINGDIGITAL
  4. 4. BENEFITSOFONLINETRAININGFor Teachers - Work from home or anywhere - Flexible hours - No need for commuting - Keep updated with technology and new learning styles BENEFITSOFONLIETRAININGFor Leaners - Flexible learning hour, less downtime - Cost effective - Work at own pace - Recorded on-devideo lessons can be reviewed many times
  5. 5. LEAVEOUT Teaching online does not mean you have to work with Tutoring Agencies. 5 reasons to cut out the middle man: - You can't use your own approach - You need to pay commission - There are many competing with you at the agency's portal - You build the agency's business and not your own - You are dependent on the agency for business Take back the control and start your own online teaching business today. More details at this link MIDDLE MANS THE
  6. 6. Make a fulfilling vocation out of teaching / training online without working for agencies. Starting your own online business allows you to work on purpose, spreading your approach in the curriculum and principles you operate by. If you are looking to amplify your message and to touch lives as well as earn higher rates as an expert, check out the video and write up on the next page. TAKECONTROL www.LouisaChan.comm
  7. 7. The THESTRUCTUREFOR SETTINGANONLINE TUTORINGBUSINESS Click HEREfor 10 free tools to use YOU NEED: - Enthusiasm and Confidence - Curriculum and lesson plan - Computer, internet access, headset JUST DO IT.
  8. 8. ONLINELEARNING READYTOSTARTYOUR ADVENTUREONLINE? Online learning is a fast growing business on a global scale. If you have the passion and the skills to teach / train, this is an opportunity not to be missed For more free resource on building your online business, visit: