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Does Your Marketing Educate?


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If you are a subject matter expert or a teacher, trainer or coach but are shy about promoting your services, here's an infograph that shows you why YOU are already a great marketer.

Marketing is not about being pushy. It is about understanding what your prospect need and providing them with a way to reach their goals. Isn't that what you want to do?

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Does Your Marketing Educate?

  1. 1. Educators Make Good Marketers They Define Gaps Analyze training needs Design curriculum to bridge the "Gap" Form series of useful lessons Design and deliver training Research target market challenge Design content to address challenges Prepare series of valuable content Demonstrate how to solve problems MARKETERSEDUCATORS 1
  2. 2. They Bridge Gaps EDUCATORS MARKETERS Design content Explain Explain Educate Provide solutions Help prospects get to where they want to be Demonstrate Walk students through learning process Design content 2 Educate
  3. 3. Ask self discovery questions ? Ask probing questions Lead prospects closer to brand Identify what's missing Create awareness EDUCATORS MARKETERS They Ask Questions3 Create awareness ? Set up action plan & structures towards goals ? I am Listening
  4. 4. Trained to listen for NEEDS Monitor conversations and topics of concern Watch customer behaviors Organize surveys: listen to views. Understand the importance of observing and listening You AlreadyHave Marketing Skills! Click HERE For NEXT STEP EDUCATORS MARKETERS They Listen4