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Zoom training 2


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Tips on how to use Zoom functions and features

Published in: Education
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Zoom training 2

  1. 1. z ZOOM TRAINING 2 Pathways Guides Stage Two: Meeting Management
  2. 2. z z z Meeting in Progress Recording
  3. 3. z zz Welcome & Introductions
  4. 4. z z z Gallery ViewSelect from top right of Zoom screen
  5. 5. z z z Video and Audio OptionsSelect tools bottom left of Zoom screen
  6. 6. z z z Spotlight on a Speaker
  7. 7. z z z View up to 25 videos If more than 25, a second screen will be available
  8. 8. z z z Host chooses Participant Management options Select a person’s name and select an option Mute or Unmute all
  9. 9. z z z Share screen Select Share Screen icon from bottom centre of Zoom screen
  10. 10. z z z Share Screen Floating Control Bar
  11. 11. z z z Annotation Tool Bar
  12. 12. z z z Chat Options & File Share Select Chat Icon from bottom of Zoom screen
  13. 13. z z z Record Meetings
  14. 14. z Pathways Guide VSS Training Ideas Pathways Guides Stage Three: Facilitation Coming up next