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VSS 3 Its all about Evaluation


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An exploration of learning resources about Evaluation in the Tutorials and Resources library at Base Camp, as well as how evaluation is embedded within each path.
Demonstration of the process within the Evaluation and Feedback project of Level 1.

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VSS 3 Its all about Evaluation

  2. 2. Where to learn about Evaluation! • Navigator: Evaluation Overview • Tutorials and Resources: Evaluation Online Class
  3. 3. Online Class: Benefits • Engaging online tutorial • Steps through at your pace • Unpacks the Evaluation Resources
  4. 4. Viewing the Resources • See it as a PDF • On a mobile device • How to complete online • Ensures you listen and comprehend before moving ahead
  5. 5. Opportunity to Listen and Evaluate a speaker
  6. 6. Evaluation Practice Activity built in An ideal way to practice your verbal evaluation
  7. 7. Evaluation Reflection built in A useful method of self- assessment of skill
  8. 8. Evaluation Advice Further advice for emerging evaluator skills
  9. 9. How is Evaluation embedded in Pathways? Ice Breaker project includes: • Delivering an Ice Breaker Evaluation of Ice Breaker speech • Paying attention to the evaluation Weaving feedback into second Ice Breaker speech Evaluation and Feedback project includes: • Giving effective evaluation of another speaker Receiving an evaluation of your style of evaluating • Reflecting on your delivery and evaluation styles
  10. 10. Request Feedback on your Icebreaker
  11. 11. Evaluation Guide Completed
  12. 12. You completed your project. Evaluate it!
  13. 13. Completing a Level •Next session: •VSS 4: •Saturday January 13 •10 am – 11:00 am