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how to embed blackboard collaborate in your personal web presence

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  • Thanks to Allison Kirby for inviting me along and to present today on how to blendbbc into your pwp
  • This was back in early 2004 and many of our Victorian VET organisations now use BbC,Elluminate or some other type of virtual classrooms.One thing was emerging in my mind back then that this was the best tool for networking and maintaining active communities of practiceOur Australia e-Series began in 2010 with some collaboration between Anne Mirtschin, Hawkesdale P-12 Victoria, and myself. We both met up with Steve Hargadon at the VITTA conference in Melbourne and asked him how we might go about setting up a regular series of webinars from learn Central supported by Elluminat Live.We wanted to build a rapport between the schools and the TAFE systems for bringing teachers together to talk about elearning.Later we built in Community Connections and invited Fine Focus to join in giving us wider audiences and greater cross cultural collaboration.
  • Where does BbC fit within the picture?What is PWP?Here are the main things that I do online for my role as an ementor and ecoach – they are in four quadrants – networking, teaching, sharing and researching.You’ll notice that BbC features in each, along with some other favourite tools – these may be familiar to you, if not you will probably find an Australia e-Series webinar on the topic.Launch the Prezi and explain how BbC is used in each of these quadrants
  • Where does BbC now fit within my PWP?You’ll notice that I moderate in and have access to several BbC rooms that we use for various projects.Over the years I have mentored many people in the use of the virtual rooms.We do have a growing group of ementors and echampions across Victoria who are now helping others to do the same.Q. How many from Victorian ementor program in the room? Poll: Who is involved in training other moderators?This is a cascading model and ensuring that they have access to the room in one click – rooms open 24/7 is our preference, and to schedule sessions using collaborative tools such as googledocs.Training in the use of BbCBack in early years we focussed on the ways in which BbC could be bolted on to courseware and delivery options – running of webinars by national support groups were plentiful – they invited educators in
  • One new strategy we are using with some success is the provision of a series of webinars free to any educators, scheduled at different times to suit teachers workloadsMentoring Mondays – early series that went to air at 12 noon or 7 pmTech Talk Tuesdays – continuing series that features at 4pm at end of school dayET@lking and Community Connect – at 8 pm to capture wider audienceFine Focus is at 9 am Fridays (alternates with Serendipity – unconferences)I’m using the expression learning by stealth to embed the use of virtual classrooms for online collaboration as an event that happens to be onlineAs Jim said this morning – we need to provide strategies for that collaboration and build that in to the workflow – no longer bolted on – its embedded into practice
  • An alternative strategy was providing opportunities for new moderators to gain experience as presenters on topics within their field of fascinationDuring the design of our recent eportfolios communities of practice massive open online course (epcop mooc) we built in a number of webinars that focussed on the use of various web 2.0 tools to generate specific artefacts for their eportfolios and personal web presence.We put out an expression of interest to participate in this and captured the commitment of a dozen challenge mentors – our dazzling dozenInvite Junita to describe the learning journey of the mentors
  • This brings me to the question of What eskills are needed for using bbc effectively?This question was asked in one of the morning sessions for this conference todayIn the next two slides I am sharing the content of a googledoc that we are currently building collaboratively First there are the basic skills of participation – we heard Jim talk about those this morning – and advocating that we scaffold learners in their first experiences in using voice, text, interactions and whiteboard – then they ‘get it’ as Gary says and we don’t need to do that – its embeddedDo an impromptu Poll here – use green tick if you have mastered the basic skills for participating in bbc?
  • Second there are the intermediate skills you’d use as a facilitator in bbcThese come under a few categories and help us to formulate activities to help new moderators do the learningI believe that once the teacher has mastered the art of planning and building a presentation in BbC they can be assisted to present with another moderator in the room. My motto: never let them fly alone – even experienced facilitators need a moderator to take care of other things e.g. instructing audience, providing a time limit, giving or taking away permissions to use toolsDo another impromptu poll: green tick if you have mastered the advanced technical skills for presentation in BBC?Ask moderator to put the timer on for 5 minutes for next activity.NOW SHARE THE GOOGLEDOC AND INSTRUCT OTHERS ON HOW TO ACCESS IT LIVE IN A SEPARATE BROWSER WINDOWDEMONSTRATE THE NEXT SECTION OF THE SKILLS AND ASK FOR COMMENTS FROM AUDIENCE (ADD TO COMMENT BOX IN GOOGLEDOC)Whilst they are doing that create a new blank screen for adding on whiteboard
  • Go to this site in browser and then app share it. that this is still in design mode and not yet open for the publicPoint out that webinars feature right up front for real time communicationsWe have anytime discussions built in too.I have put in place a link to a site for testing their readiness for self-directed learningGo there Add link in chat windowExplain briefly how the Mightybell experience works
  • Link to the Course descriptorExplain the nature of this 4 week intensive course as a mini open online course focussing on the development of eskills in communicating and networking onlineThe BbC virtual classroom will be used throughout and learners will undertake the development of:Basic eskills as a participant – in meetings, classrooms and webinarsBasic eskills as a presenter – for group work
  • Remind audience that they can continue to collaborate with me in the googledoc after the event
  • I believe that the development of eskills as a moderator is a simple three step process:Learning – being an active participant in at least six webinars, Practising – being a presenter for 10, 20 to 40 minutesModerating – doing the planning, scheduling and moderating
  • Ask for ideas on whiteboard using text tool Project tasks – what would you have the learner doResources – what tools and resources would you have them useDuration – what time frame would work bestMeasures – how could we determine their readiness for delivery of webinarExamples: participate in a course e.g. paste a copy of the yellow edge course on wbdAsk Allison for some ideas on the resources that will be used in theseAsk audience about what time frame they would prefer in their organisationsAsk audience for ideas on evaluation of presentations by learners e.g. a matrix, self-evaluated in a blog, peer-evaluated in comments
  • Where to from there?Do you want to be part of a vibrant community of practice who use BbC every week as their principal tool of engagement?Come along and join us at our Facebook group. App share the site and show them the link. Add link to the chat tool.
  • Ask the audience if they wish to be part of the webinars for 2012?Ask them to join the Fb group and answer the poll questions
  • Presentation for yellow edge conference

    1. 1. Conference December 1, 2011 Coach Carole
    2. 2. • Facebook • Dropbox• Ning • Google docs• Blackboard • Blackboard Collaborate Collaborate Networking Sharing Teaching Researching• Moodle • Scoop It• Googlesites • Twitter• Blackboard • RSS Collaborate • Blackboard Collaborate
    3. 3. 2007- 2009- 2011-2008 2010 2012 BbC Rooms in use
    4. 4.  Participate in webinars:  Mentoring Mondays  Tech Talk Tuesdays  eT@lking Wednesdays  Community Connect Thursdays  Fine Focus Fridays  Australia e-Series
    5. 5.  Challenge Mentors:  Dazzling dozen
    6. 6.  Level one
    7. 7.  Level two
    8. 8.  Help me design the course for building eskills in Blackboard Collaborate!
    9. 9. … collaborate online using virtual classrooms
    10. 10.
    11. 11.  Delivery of moderator training  Structured sequential workshops  Self-directed and self-managed evaluations Learning Practising Moderating Project based learning  activities for building confidence  Peer-reviewed events Planning Preparing Facilitating
    12. 12. 1 23 4
    13. 13.  Jointhe Facebook group Subscribe to the Australia e-Series blog
    14. 14.  Add your EOI to be a presenter
    15. 15.  ortfolio/ #coachcarole2012