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Pathways with George


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Workshop at Melbourne 080318

Published in: Education
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Pathways with George

  1. 1. taking the pebbles out of the path Coach Carole Pathways with George
  2. 2. Look For More Details on Any Path 3 Paths finish with High Performance Leadership  Effective Coaching  Innovative Planning  Persuasive Influence I will not have time to fit those in this year
  3. 3. Look For More Details on Any Path 3 Paths finish with a 6 month Leading a Team project  Dynamic Leadership  Team Collaboration  Strategic Relationships These will fit my workplace requirements next year
  4. 4. Look For More Details on Any Path 4 Paths have very different Required Projects at Level 5  Presentation Mastery – A Longer Presentation  Visionary Communication – Develop Your Vision  Leadership Development – Create a Successful Event  Motivational Strategies – Team Building through an Event Now this is helpful!
  5. 5. Plan Ahead •March: Icebreaker Speech •April: Speech Project A •May: Speech Project B •June: Evaluator Project C •June: Research Speech
  6. 6. finding the Gold Coach Carole Pathways with George
  7. 7. Land based Club Experience …
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