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Online clubs overview

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Online clubs overview

  1. 1. Speaker: Carole McCulloch, ACG, ALB, D73 Project 2: Speaking to Inform Evaluator: Janet Shaw, DTM, D73 Online Clubs Overview
  2. 2. Two types of Online Clubs Phase 1 Clubs: Majority of meetings in land based venue, some connectivity with remote members via web conferencing. Phase 2 Clubs: All meetings held totally online, all connectivity is electronic and members usually located across the world.
  3. 3. • Who they are? • Which time zones do they operate in? • What web conferencing tools do they use? • How frequently do they meet? • What are the pre-requisites for joining? • How much will membership cost? • How different are the Club Officer Roles? • Do they have information websites? • What support is provided? Knowledge required about online clubs?
  4. 4. Toastmasters Across the Time Zones
  5. 5. • Schedules • Weekend dates and times (predominantly Sundays) in alternating time zones • Week dates and times (TWB) Thursday evenings • Software • Click Meeting • GoToMeeting • Meeting Preferences
  6. 6. Beginner Global Clubs: • Wish to learn how to improve speaking skills online • Participate in an Online Speechcraft program Advanced Global Clubs: • Completed at least 10 speeches from the Competent Communicator Manual • Visited the club meetings at least twice • Dual membership Pre-requisites for joining
  7. 7. • Club Fees • Web conferencing – shared cost per member • PayPal – shared cost per member • Other – examples may include: Badges • Toastmasters International fees • $27 US (valid to September 2016) Budget for an online club How much can members afford?
  8. 8. Benefits of Online Meetings • Cultural exchange – Stories from other countries • Collaboration – Social media connection • Connection – No travel involved
  9. 9. • New Tasks: • Manage the software tools • Assist meeting participants in use of the tools • Watch the text chat and remain on view in web cam • Observe speakers’ use of web cam • New Roles: • Technical Advisor • Logistics Manager • Listener • Video monitor Online Club Officer Roles & Tasks
  10. 10. Easy-Speak Base Camp: Information Firebirds Collective Toastmasters Without Borders
  11. 11. Website: providing information and protocols
  12. 12. Social Media sites: socialising
  13. 13. 2016 2017 2020 Forward Predictions
  14. 14. E-mentoring blog support for Online Clubs
  15. 15. Club Officers training Online support
  16. 16. Easy-Speak Help Desk support

Editor's Notes

  • March 2016 Phase 2 or totally online clubs were sanctioned by TI.
  • Hearing different voices
    Collaborating across time zones
    Calibre of speeches are very high
    Self-directed advanced TMs
    Eg New club for DTMs just starting
  • Describe how we collaborate in meetings:
    Toastmaster of the Day and General Evaluator
    New roles – logistics manager, listener, video monitor, innovative timer
  • Firebirds Vision: Global leaders for online excellence 
    Active online groups supporting new online Toastmasters and clubs through online education, collaboration, connection and mentoring